Indeed Brewing Company to Release Fresh Hop Ale in October

Minneapolis, MN — Bright, resinous, and bursting with fresh blueberry and tropical fruit aromas, our Fresh Hop Ale is brewed with fresh Mosaic hops, harvested at their peak and shipped directly from Yakima, Washington, the epicenter of hop growing in the United States. These fresh hops deliver a uniquely robust flavor and aroma in this limited release ale.

Brewing with fresh hops allows for a full, robust expression of the Mosaic hop, with its complex aromas and flavors of pine, blueberry, and melon. This year, for the first time ever, Fresh Hop Ale will release on draft and in 16 oz. cans featuring designs from local artist Chuck U. Fresh Hop is hugely flavorful, fragrant, and most of all fleeting – here for only a limited time, so hop to it!

Fresh Hop Ale releases October 9th!