Honor Brewing Company Adds Distribution in San Diego

SAN DIEGO – Brown Bag Beverage, one of the fastest growing Craft Beer Distributors in the Greater San Diego area added another Craft Beer company with an amazing mission to their distribution portfolio, Honor Brewing Company from Chantilly Virginia. Brown Bag Beverage will be distributing their craft beer throughout San Diego and LA counties. Initially offering six core beers, Honor Golden Ale, Honor India Pale Ale, Honor Maple Porter, Honor Cherry Wheat, Honor “Line of Sight” Lager and Honor “Desired Effects” Double IPA.

“We are passionate about beer and bringing the best beer to San Diego craft beer drinkers, once we had a chance to meet the owners and hear about all of the good Honor Brewing is doing for the Military community we knew we had to be apart of bringing their product to Southern California,” said Susie Baggs, founder and Chief Beverage Officer of Brown Bag Beverage.

David Keuhner, Partner, Honor Brewing Company states, “Our goal at Honor is very simple. We honor those who serve our country while giving back. It’s not always about money – it’s about giving of oneself and understanding these men, women and their families have volunteered to serve our country. We look at craft beer as a way to raise a glass in their honor while celebrating their commitment, loyalty and courage for serving our country. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ and never forgetting.” “After talking to Susie from Brown Bag Beverage we knew she understood our goal to touch military families and beer drinkers alike in California and our partnership began at that time.”

Honor Brewing Company is paying tribute to fallen Soldiers to guarantee they are never forgotten. Not only does Honor make quality craft beers, but also, they honor those who serve our country while giving back to charities for the fallen and injured. In the last 36 months, Honor has raised and donated over $225,000 to charities of the fallen and injured. As of April 9th, 2018 Brown Bag Beverage will be distributing locally, honoring veterans and the fallen by either raising a glass of their special craft beer, dedicating a six pack with their tribute story or they honor them by placing custom dog tags in patented Tribute Tap in their memory at respective locations throughout the San Diego and LA areas.

About Brown Bag Beverage Inc

Brown Bag Beverage Inc, was started in October 2013. Knowing first hand how the current distribution climate in San Diego County affects the brewers and the retailers alike, founder Susie Baggs set out to create a company that builds stronger relationships between all 3 tiers of the beer distribution cycle. Brown Bag Beverage is passionate about service, quality, and education and is excited to help build the craft beer environment in San Diego County and beyond. To learn more, visit www.brownbagbev.com or follow them on Twitter. Learn more about Honor Brewing Company at www.honorbrewing.com