Gulf Photonics Launches ACCUBREW Sensor Product Line For The Craft Beer Industry

TAMPA, Fla.— Gulf Photonics introduced its Accubrew™ sensor to monitor the fermentation process during beer production.  Accubrew is unique to the market by combining several critical measurements into one, cost-effective sensor to monitor sugar, temperature, turbidity and SRM (color).  The sensor takes measurements without physical sampling.  The data is transferred to the brewery’s secure, cloud-based account supported by a feature-rich software interface, allowing brewers to view data real-time from anywhere using a smart device.

The Accubrew sensor uses low power visible light coupled with a detector to constantly evaluate the fermentation process.  “For the past three years, we have been listening to craft brewers, working with light-based science and IoT (Internet of Things) technology, designing the hardware, developing the software, and testing Accubrew with our demo breweries,” says Patrick Bennetts, Gulf Photonics President.  “The Accubrew fermentation monitor is the initial sensor to a family of products we are working on for the food & beverage industry,” continued Bennetts.  “We are utilizing our experience in fiber optic medical devices, photonics, and spectroscopy to deliver secure, reliable, easy-to-use, precision monitoring sensor solutions.  Complementing the sensor technology is a software infrastructure designed to support a variety of sensor-based data, communication types, repositories, and user presentation formats.”

The software contains gauge and chart representations of the fermentation data, along with a Brew Book for batch notes, notifications and alarms via email or text, and the ability to overlay prior or reference brew charts to compare consistency. In addition, brewer sub accounts can be created to assign brewery staff & contract brewing customers to sensors and permit read only or editable access.  The software supports multiple probes and enables brewers to add timestamped notes and reminders during a batch that display on the charts.  Another unique feature is AccuCrew©, the software’s AI (artificial intelligence) engine allowing the brewers to quickly and securely interact with their account, sensors, and data using text messaging.

Accubrew is intended to be a versatile tool designed for brewing teams.  Using Accubrew allows brewers to monitor their fermentation processes real-time to determine exactly when the batch is complete.  This provides the potential to cycle equipment more quickly, resulting in greater beer production in the same amount of time, increased cost savings, and quick return on investment.  Brewers can also detect and be notified of abnormalities during the fermentation process.  Accubrew enables brewing teams to explore new ways of evaluating data, such as hops utilization and optimum timeframe for post fermentation additions.

Gulf Photonics, Inc. is a member company of the Gulf Fiberoptics Group founded in 1996.  Gulf Fiberoptics, Inc. specializes in custom branded and OEM optical fiber assemblies for medical devices.  Gulf Photonics, Inc. manufactures optical fibers for OEM medical devices plus various other industries such as:  defense, space flight, agriculture, coating measurement, and laboratory R&D. The companies have distribution and customers in more than 25 countries.  Gulf’s products are designed and manufactured in its USA based Florida headquarters.  For more information about Accubrew, visit

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