Great Raft Brewing Announces In-House Kitchen Led By Chef Nick Simons

Shreveport, LA – Great Raft Brewing is excited to announce an expansion of the brewery’s offerings this fall, with the opening of their new kitchen concept PROVISIONS BY GREAT RAFT BREWING. The brewery has recruited Chef Nick Simons, formerly of Wine Country and Southern Trace Country Club, to spearhead the new project.

“This is first and foremost a production brewery. However, conversations at the brewery almost always revolve around food and beer. For years we’ve wanted to execute our own culinary vision to complement our beer. The addition of Chef Simons allows for just that,” said Andrew Nations, brewery president and co-founder. “Our depth of style in brewing should be equally represented in our food. Our patrons can expect the same level of execution and innovation, with an unpretentious approach to food and beer pairings.”

Provisions by Great Raft Brewing will initially launch with a series of pop-up dining events from Chef Simons throughout the summer. Pop-ups are planned for July 14 (Wednesday), July 15 (Thursday), and July 22 (Thursday), with additional dates to be announced throughout the summer.

“This exciting opportunity provides me with a new creative license to challenge the idea of traditional brewpub faire in a creative and approachable way” said Chef Simons.

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