Gateway Brewing Releases Mahogany Lager

Gateway Brewing

Portland, OR – Gateway Brewing’s latest release Mahogany Lager brings new color to the lager spectrum. This smooth, dark lager is the US debut of Great Western Malting’s Sacchra-50 malt.  Sacchara’s unique characteristics, produced by a steam injection prior to kilning, give Mahogany its rich, malty depth.

“I wanted to brew a beer that easy to drink like a lager but also had the rich maltiness that you want in the winter.  The folks at Great Western introduced me to Sacchra-50 which proved to be the right malt to achieve that,” says head brewer and founder Joel Sheley

Mahogany’s malt bill is rounded out with Two Row and Chocolate malts and features Chinook and Cascade hops.  Its ABVis 4.5% and IBU 20.

About Gateway Brewing

Based in Portland and launched in 2015, Gateway Brewing invites you to come on over.  Gateway’s beers celebrate the session, relaxing with friends, winding down with coworkers or dining out any night of the week.  Available in bars and restaurants around Portland, Gateway Brewing invites you to come on over.