Fordham & Dominion Brewing Creates Craft Beer and Homebrew Club

DOVER, Del. — Fordham & Dominion Brewing have recently partnered with to create “Bottles & Pints”, a craft beer and homebrew club.

Bottles & Pints is the brainchild of Chris Megahan, co-owner of The goal of Bottles & Prints is to provide a social environment for beer enthusiasts. Membership will be available to those seeking to grow and share their homebrewing and craft beer experiences. No prior knowledge of brewing or beer styles will be required.

The club will address a variety of topics, from beer styles and food pairings, to the brewing process and ingredient choices. Members will also be able to enjoy club outings, sensory training opportunities, group brewing, competitions, guest speakers, and annual events. Monthly meetings and sampling will be held on the last Saturday of every month. Meetings will include tastings of homebrewed and commercially produced craft beer. The first meeting of Bottles & Pints will be held at Fordham & Dominion Brewing, located in Dover, Delaware, on June 29, 2013, at 10am.

Jim Lutz, President and CEO of Fordham & Dominion, said, “We are excited for this partnership with Pooling both of our resources, we will be able to offer invaluable education to those interested in taking a day a month to enjoy craft beer among friends.”

Chris Megahan, of, stated, “When you’re as passionate about something as we are about beer, you can’t help but share it with people. Bottles & Pints is a gathering of people who share a common passion for great beer. It’s all about the craft behind craft beer.”

About The Fordham & Dominion Brewing Co.

The Fordham & Dominion Brewing Co. history is the story of two Delmarva craft breweries deciding to buck tradition and defy the ordinary. In 2007, Fordham and Dominion combined forces in Dover, DE. The breweries jumped at the chance to challenge expectations, merging two craft breweries while maintaining their separate identities.

Fordham has been brewing since 1995 and Dominion has been brewing since 1989. Together, they brew out of Dover, Delaware. They provide weekly tours of the brewery (located at 1284 McD Dr., Dover, DE) in conjunction with samples of their beers, such as Oak Barrel Stout, Double D, Rams Head IPA and Copperhead Ale