Dominion Brewing Wakes Up With Morning Glory Espresso Stout

DOVER, DE — The Dominion Brewing Co. will awaken Morning Glory, a full-bodied espresso stout, on November 15, 2012.

Morning Glory will be Dominion’s final pin-up inspired “Bomber Girl” for 2012. Glory is a robust espresso stout brewed with locally roasted coffee beans. Chocolate, crystal, smoked, and wheat malts contribute to the rich body and flavor. Bravo hops provide the bitterness and clean fruit notes. Glory wakes up at 9% ABV and 60 IBUs with the aroma of espresso and hints of chocolate. Available for a limited time only, she will be on draft and in conditioned 22oz bottles.

Master Brewer Walter Trifari stated, “For us, the concept of this beer was all about collaboration: both in the partnership between our brewery and the local coffee shop, Espresso-N-Ice, and the blending of toasted, chocolate stout flavors with coffee beans. We chose to seek out a local coffee roaster for this beer to make sure that the coffee beans used would be up to our standards. With the help of Espresso-N-Ice, we were able to participate in perfectly roasting the 65 pounds of coffee that the stout was warmed on for 13 days. That extra effort has allowed us to create an exquisitely balanced, full-flavored espresso stout and a community partnership that will extend well beyond the production of this beer.”


Fordham and Dominion have been brewing high quality beverages in Dover, Delaware since 2003. They provide weekly tours of the brewery (located at 1284 McD Dr., Dover, DE) in conjunction with samples of their products, such as Hop Mountain, Oak Barrel Stout, Double D and Copperhead Ale. For more information, visit,