Deschutes Brewery Announces 2021 Beer Release Calendar

BEND, Ore. — Deschutes Brewery’s 2021 Release Calendar Deschutes Brewery is thrilled to announce their 2021 beer calendar featuring exciting new brands and pack types, exclusive barrel aged beers and new collaborative partnerships.

New Year-Round Additions

Squeezy Rider West Coast IPA (7% ABV) A March release in select markets in 12-ounce, 6 pack cans and draft. This brand-new addition to the Fresh Family was born in the pilot brewery and raised as a local’s favorite at the Deschutes pubs. It’s bright and hoppy with big tropical flavor from Strata hops but with laidback bitterness. Integrating hop processes of a traditional hazy IPA into a bright beer, brewers agree that Squeezy Rider makes the IBU’s less of a big deal and more approachable to every craft drinker.

Variety Pack – Cans! A March release in 12-ounce, 12 pack cans. Deschutes’ first variety pack in cans features something for everyone; Fresh Squeezed IPA, Brand New Squeezy Rider West Coast IPA, Lil’ Squeezy Gluten Removed Juicy Pale Ale and Black Butte Porter (in cans for the first time ever!)

IPA Variety Pack An April release in 12-ounce, 12 pack bottles. Featuring some of Deschutes’ all-time favorite IPAs together at last, this pack includes all the classics like Fresh Squeezed, Fresh Haze, Inversion and latest innovation, Symphonic Chronic.

King Crispy (4.8% ABV) Spring release in 12-ounce, 6 pack cans to select Oregon markets. Winner of the 2019 Bitburger® Challenge, this fine pilsner beer took two Deschutes brewers to Germany to meet with the style’s founders. Out of our minds excited by this accomplishment, King Crispy was launched to commemorate the event. Thusly, this beer was named to honor the win and establish its lineage over famed and favorited domestic lagers, aka ‘crispy boys.’ All hail King Crispy!

Seasonal Releases in new 12 pack cans this spring!

New packaging featuring 2020 Jubelale artist Eric Nyffeler’s designs!

Red Chair NWPA (6.2% ABV | 60 IBUs)Hitting shelves now through February. A citrus forward Northwest Pale Ale with a bold hop aroma and clean finish. A fan favorite seasonal, Red Chair was awarded World’s Best Beer, twice!

Neon Daydream Hazy Ale (4.8% ABV | 35 IBUs) May-July Now in 12 pack cans, too! A hazy summer ale that radiates like the glow of light behind closed eyes on a long summer day. Brewer’s experimentation with new yeast strains, new hop combinations and brewing methods led to this amalgamation of wheat, white, and hazy pale styles with aromas of orange, lemon, and fruity esters and a zesty, citrus hop flavor.

Twilight Ale (6% ABV | 50 IBUs) August-October. Twilight’s back and now in 12 pack cans, too! This fan favorite is back for the dusk of summer sunsets featuring a lighter, yet full-flavored aromatic ale featuring Amarillo hops.

Jubelale (6.7% ABV | 65 IBUs) November-December A Winter Warmer full of spice notes and a robust malt character of toffee and dusted cocoa. The 2021 Jubelale packaging yet to be revealed will feature artwork designed by a local Oregon artist.

View the Calendar Limited Release Beers 

Teensy Micro IPA (3% ABV) January release in 12-ounce, 6 pack cans. Teensy is a Micro Hazy Ale. Dry January?! Nah, just gear down a bit with this low alcohol hazy that has a strong hop and fruit forward flavor with a light body for ultimate drinkability.

Raspberry Black Butte Porter (6.8% ABV | 30 IBUs) March release in 12-ouce, 4 pack bottles. A signature variant inspired by dessert using our traditional Black Butte Porter recipe boosted in alcohol and silkiness with additions of oats and wheat to softly offset the vivid tartness of naturally sweet red raspberries from Stalbush Island Farms in Oregon.

Non-Alcoholic Dark (0.5% ABV) March release in 12-ounce, 6 pack cans. The brewery is gearing up to support year-round production of Deschutes’ NA Irish Stout this spring. A traditional Irish-style stout with coffee-like roasted malt character, light chocolate and a dry, light bodied drinking experience.

Pride Beer (in development)June release in 12-ounce, 6 pack cans.

Whiskey Butte (7% ABV|35 IBUs) August release in 12-ounce, 4 pack bottles. Another signature variant that provides a very approachable barrel-aged drinking experience through expert blending of Black Butte Porter with Deschutes’ whiskey aged Imperial Porter. A new beer that brings light brushes of the barrel-aged character of vanilla, bourbon and oak to Black Butte Porter.

Reserve Series 

Black Butte XXXIII (~12% ABV | 52 IBUs)June release in 4 pack, 12-ounce bottles. Deschutes Brewery’s annual anniversary reserve imperial porter to commemorate 33 years in craft brewing features maple and vanilla and is aged in bourbon barrels.

The Abyss (11% ABV | 70 IBUs) Now released throughout the year, there’s no need to wait until November for this all time favorite in 4 pack, 12-ounce bottles. A deep, dark Imperial Stout, The Abyss’ immeasurable depth and complexity includes hints of molasses, licorice, cherry bark and vanilla and is 50% aged in bourbon, wine and new American Oak barrels.

The Dissident Peach (~10% ABV | 20 IBUs) August release in 500ml bottles. Adding more diversity to the Dissident family by featuring a new fruit addition, this Flanders style brown ale is 100% barrel-aged with Oregon peaches.

Small Batch Reserves Limited releases available only at Deschutes Brewery Pubs and Tasting Rooms and online.

Dark Cherry Home at Port (12% ABV | 28 IBUs) February release in 500ml bottles. A barrel aged Belgian Dark Strong Ale with Dark Cherries, 100% aged in bourbon and port barrels. A complex warming ale for sipping in the winter months.

Family Tree Apple (~8% ABV | 14 IBUs) May release in 500ml bottles. Our rotating mixed culture foeder and barrel aged ale, this time with apples from EZ Orchard in Salem, OR.

Black Butte Cubed (~13 % ABV) July release in 500ml bottles. Our Imperial Black Butte Porter aged in Black Butte Porter Whiskey barrels.

Shifties Series

When inspiration meets conviction, this series captures the adventurous culture of the PNW and the attitude behind our experimental brews. Shifties, the post-shift beers we enjoy together to celebrate a good day, are rotating beers showcasing experimental recipes from our state-of-the-art pilot brewery for beer enthusiasts looking for new and interesting beers and bold flavors packaged in 12 ounce, 6 pack cans.

Haze Tron Imperial Hazy (8% ABV | 55 IBUs) A March release. As if by magic, Simcoe Cryo and Experimental 630 enter this beer as seemingly ordinary hops, but the flavors and aromas that emerge are anything but. Biotransformation from active dry hopping delivers juicy tropical fruit character more impressive than artificial intelligence with hints of resin to balance out this deceptively smooth drinking Imperial Hazy IPA. With noes of fresh pineapple and candied orange, this is just the beginning of the tale of IPAs as fantasy becomes reality.

Catharina Sour (5% ABV | 5 IBUs) A May release. This beer style originated in Brazil and stemmed from the German brewing influences from colonial times. It’s a spin on Berlinerwiess, a tart wheat beer, with stronger alcohol and tropical fruit. Our brewers were inspired by the history of this style and from tasting beers at COPA Cerveza where many Mexican brewers utilized guava in their sour beers.

Grower Direct IPA Releasing in October, this is a beer to highlight our hop farmers!


Black Is Beautiful Release TBD.Deschutes partnered with local craft industry folks, Ale Apothecary, OI, Rose City Labels and the Oregon Brewers Guild to join this collaboration in support of Black Lives with Weathered Souls where 100% of proceeds of this beer will go to the Coalition of Communities of Color.

Ludwig Von Krispy A unique collaboration with Skagit Malt with an August release.

Chasin’ Freshies Fresh Hop IPA A fresh hopcollaboration with Bitburger(~7% ABV | ~55 IBUs) September release (based on timing of hop harvest) in 12-ounce cans. Deschutes’ #1 fresh hop beer goes international with this Bitbuger collab! A celebration of 2 iconic, independent, family owned breweries exchanging brewing expertise and comradery. This collaboration incorporates the Bitburger influenced German hop “Callista” with Triumph and Cashmere American hops selected during the 2020 hop harvest.

Stone Brewing Collab Looking forward to this fun project with aSeptember release.

Alesong Collab Excited to celebrate this beer and partnership with aNovember release.

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