Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer Introduces Scottish Raspberry Flavor


UNITED KINGDOM — Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer, the leading alcoholic ginger beer in the United States, has introduced its newest flavor, Scottish Raspberry. Available nationwide, Crabbie’s Raspberry Alcoholic Ginger Beer combines steeped ginger with exotic spices and natural Scottish raspberry flavor for a deliciously distinct, raspberry-ginger delight. Crabbie’s Raspberry is best served cold and poured over ice.

Crabbie’s uses plump and juicy Glen Ample raspberries, which are indigenous to the Perthshire and Angus regions in Scotland, and are grown and cultivated in the Strathmore Valley to take full advantage of the fertile soil and temperate climate. They are harvested in mid-summer to produce the succulent fruits, which are then macerated and extracted for use in the Scottish Raspberry Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

The story of Crabbie’s began in Edinburgh, Scotland during the early 19th century with respected wine and spirits merchant, Miller Crabbie. His son John developed a flair for the innovative. Capitalizing on the nearby Port of Leith gave him access to ingredients from many nations, he sourced the finest ginger and exotic spices for his signature Green Ginger Wine, starting a legacy that would last for generations to come. Crabbie’s iconic elephant trademark symbolizes its heritage; 200 years ago, elephants were traditionally used by importers to explore untrodden grounds to procure ingredients. Today, Crabbie’s is sold across the globe and produced in a variety of refreshing flavors all made to the same exceptional standards set by John Crabbie all those years ago.

Crabbie’s Raspberry is the newest addition to the Crabbie’s family, joining the Original and Spiced Orange flavors. Crabbie’s Original (4.8%) is carefully crafted from a recipe that uses the finest ginger which is cold steeped for up to six weeks and then combined with four secret spices. The result is a refreshing, light bodied ginger beer with a spicy fresh ginger flavor, notes of citrus and a warming finish. Crabbie’s Spiced Orange Alcoholic Ginger Beer offers the same refreshing taste as the Original but with a lighter ginger profile and a zesty orange flavor.

Crabbie’s is available for purchase in two formats: a four-pack of 11 ounce bottles and a larger 16.9 ounce bottle. Ideal for sipping, it can also be blended into a variety of ginger beer cocktails, such as a Raspberry Collins and a Moscow Mule.

As the first alcoholic ginger beer available in America, the number one question asked by consumers is, “Where can I buy Crabbie’s?” To help in their quest for Crabbie’s refreshment, Crabbie’s launched the free, Time for a Crabbie’s app.

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