Ciderboys Introduces Apple Raspberry Hard Cider

STEVENS POINT, Wis. — Raspberries and apples are made for each other. Raspberry Smash Apple Raspberry Hard Cider, the newest fruitful pairing from Ciderboys Cider Co, proves it.

A rare and refreshing blend of tart raspberry with crisp apple cider, Raspberry Smash Hard Cider is available in six-packs of 12-oz bottles, and on draft at select bars, taverns and restaurants wherever Ciderboys hard ciders are sold across the mid-west.

Raspberry Smash is a naturally gluten-free hard apple cider blended with pure 100% raspberry juice. It’s a perfect example of what Ciderboys’ fruitful pairings are all about, according to Gabe Hopkins, Head Cider Maker.

“As you take your first sip, you’ll be delighted by a sweet scent of raspberries. Raspberry Smash’s big, refreshingly fruity flavor starts with the tart taste of raspberry on the front end, followed by a sweet, crisp apple finish,” Hopkins said. “The raspberry and apple flavors complement each other deliciously, yet it definitely is a hard apple cider. That’s the beauty of Raspberry Smash.”

Raspberry Smash is Ciderboys’ sixth addition to the fruity handcrafted hard ciders made by blending unexpected fresh fruit flavors with crisp apple. First Press is a traditional hard cider, tart and sweet at the same time. Magic Apple blends crisp apple cider with the taste of fresh strawberries while Cranberry Road features a tart splash of cranberries. Mad Bark thrives on the sweetness of apple enlivened by the aromatic spiciness of natural cinnamon. Peach County Apple Peach Hard Cider delivers pure, refreshing peach flavor.

About Ciderboys Cider Co.

Based in Stevens Point, Wis., Ciderboys Cider Co. produces hard ciders made with juice from fresh Washington State apples. The juice is pasteurized then fermented at cool temperatures in shining stainless steel tanks. Ciderboys uses a special hard-cider yeast imported from France, where hard ciders have quenched thirsts since the Middle Ages. The fermentation process is cool and slow; it takes approximately two weeks for each batch. When fermentation is complete, the cider goes through a filtration process that renders a clear, sparkling liquid. No sugar is added to any Ciderboys products, which are naturally gluten free.