Celis Brewery Releases Dubbel Coffee Porter in Cans

AUSTIN, Texas  — Celis Brewery is releasing its seasonal Celis Dubbel Coffee Porter on tap and, for the first time, offering the beer in cans. The recipe, developed by Christine Celis in 2014, is the world’s first Dubbel Coffee Porter. It is brewed using international cold-pressed coffee from Austin-based Summer Moon Coffee Bar, certain to appeal to individuals who enjoy coffee and beer alike.

“It blew our minds how quickly we sold out of our Dubbel Coffee Porter last fall,” says Christine Celis, founder of Celis Brewery. “It is an incredibly popular beer. To make sure we have enough of it this year, we increased our production. Lots of people asked for it in cans. We heard you loud and clear. This is a delicious coffee porter brewed with Guatemalan and Mexican coffee beans.”

Celis Dubbel Coffee Porter, ABV 7%, is brewed using Belgian dubbel yeast, along with Hallertau and Millenium hops. It has lush aromas of dry fruit with caramel malt and chocolate. It is light in bitterness balanced with a hint of sweetness. The full-flavored porter has pleasant tastes of subdued berries, dark malts, and equal amounts of coffee and cocoa from the infusion of the coffee blend.  It is a robust yet smooth, rich-bodied beer with light carbonation and a gorgeous creamy head. It is a perfect cozy beer for the festive months of fall and winter.

The Celis porter pairs really well with seasonal dishes and holiday parties. The acidity of the coffee married with the roasty malt flavors enhance the caramelized deliciousness of a holiday ham. The berry and cocoa flavors of the porter are an excellent accompaniment to smoked brisket. Flavorful Stilton and blue cheeses are delicious with the dark contrast of the porter. For those who enjoy black coffee with dessert, this coffee porter is a match made in heaven with dark chocolate cakes.

Celis Dubbel Coffee Porter is available on draft and in cans across Texas. Ask for it at your favorite bars, restaurants, and stores. The limited-production, seasonal craft beer is available until it runs out.

About Celis Brewery

Celis Brewery, founded by Christine Celis in Austin, Texas, brews Belgian-style ales and other beers, including the original witbier that Pierre Celis brewed in Hoegaarden, Belgium. The brewery is an extension of the Celis family legacy and builds on the award-winning craft beer heritage for which the family is known. Connect with Celis Brewery on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.