Capital Brewery Introduces Cans

Middleton, Wisc. — Do you enjoy craft beer in cans? Is a 12-pack too much? Now you can have it both ways with many of Capital Brewery’s award winning beers in 6 Pack cartons!

Capital Wisconsin Amber, Maibock, Supper Club, Ghost Ship, and Mutiny IPA are now available in both 12 pack cans and 6 pack cans.

The high resolution cartons feature convenient finger holds and gives the 6 packs a great look plus it eliminates using plastic caps or rings!

“Six pack cans are the fastest growing package configuratition in the craft beer world right now. In 2015 craft cans more than doubled in sales posting a +104% increase. Craft consumers are telling us they want a 6 pack can for the convience,” added Corey Wehling, Vice President of Sales.

A major benefit to beer in cans is that no light or oxygen are able to get to the beer, and craft consumers are understanding the benefit of this more and more.

Founded on March 14, 1984, Capital brewed its first batch of beer in the spring of 1986. The company has received over 235 major awards in both domestic and international competitions in over 15 categories, and Wisconsin Amber has been available in cans since 1997. Capital was named Grand National Champion in the 2013 US Open Beer Championship, winning six medals.

‘Capital Brewery’, ‘Wisconsin Amber’, and ‘Supper Club’ are registered trademarks of Capital Brewery Company, Incorporated. ‘Capital Maibock’, ‘Mutiny IPA’, and ‘Ghost Ship’ are trademarks of Capital Brewery Company, Incorporated.