Can Your Beer Choice Determine Your Political Persuasion?

It’s not quite the ‘hot-button’ issue you would expect from a presidential race, but for better or worse beer seems to have taken center stage during this year’s election.

And at this point, it’s common knowledge that Barack Obama loves to enjoy a frosty mug or two on the campaign trail. In fact, earlier this month the White House released Obama’s personal homebrew recipes for The White House Honey Ale and Honey Porter on The White House Blog.

But the latest connection between beer and politics comes by way of The National Journal Group, who recently blogged a bubble chart from National Media Research, Planning and Placement that determines which way a voter will swing depending upon their beer of choice.

Not surprisingly, it appears most craft beer drinkers vote democrat and turn out to the polls more frequently. Shiner Bock drinkers on the other hand skew republican but rarely cast a vote.

We have absolutely no idea how to interpret this, but perhaps our readers can lend a hand?