VIDEO: Brooklyn Brewery President Discusses ‘The State of Craft Beer Industry’

Earlier this month, Brooklyn Brewery President Steve Hindy visited the Harpoon Brewery in Boston to settle a Super Bowl bet.

At the event, spoke to Hindy about the state of the craft beer industry, rising ingredient costs and how the hundreds of small startups will fare in a competitive marketplace.

“Clearly, something fundamental is happening in the U.S. beer business,” Hindy said. “I think craft beer is going to expand, expand, expand.”

Yet despite his belief that craft brewers will continue gaining market share, he also expects to see some of the 915 current breweries in planning fail.

“It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see some people fall away,” he said. “This is not a guaranteed business. “It’s business. You are taking a risk.”

The interview, seen below, is the latest installment in our video series.