Bronx Brewery Partners with Clinton Hall on Gigawatt IPA

NEW YORk – Popular New York brewpub, Clinton Hall, has announced the release of their first proprietary brew, Gigawatt IPA. Created in partnership with Bronx Brewery, the beer is the first custom blend created by the Clinton Hall, who are known for extensive and unique lists of Supercraft beers and photo-worthy menu items. The Gigawatt IPA is a hazy, 7.8% New England style IPA with fresh tropical aromas and rich biscuit-flavored undertones.

“The Bronx Brewery is excited to partner on this exclusive collaboration. Clinton Hall is one of the best beer destinations in the city which felt like a perfect fit,” said Mike Pesce, NYC Sales Manager for Bronx Brewery. “It was great working with the team to come up with a beer we thought all Clinton Hall customers would enjoy.”

The local collaboration will be served to perfection every time thanks to an on-site FluxCapacitor, the most advanced beer technology in the market, regulating the carbonation and temperature of each individual beer. The Gigawatt IPA is available at all five Clinton Hall locations.

About Clinton Hall

Clinton Hall, a staple in the craft beer and food communities has four locations: Manhattan’sFinancial District, the Bronx near Arthur Avenue, the Seaport District and inside the Pod 51Hotel. Featuring 20 seasonal draught beers and ciders on rotation, Clinton Hall introduces a unique, eclectic and exciting ale adventure that is always served precisely to each BrewMasters specs, thanks to an on-site Flux Capacitor. Complementing the ever-changing beverage selection is Clinton Hall’s 20 unique burger offerings, which can be expertly paired with 20 rare beers. Clinton Hall’s gourmet spin on traditional beer hall cuisines also feature a popular dessert menu including over-the-top W.T.F waffles and Walter Whites CrystalMethadonuts. Both Clinton Hall locations feature TV’s surrounding the space for the best in game-day viewing, and oversized versions of favorite games such as Jenga, Connect 4 andChess, as well as ping pong and more. For more information, please visit