BrewHorn Tasting App Now Available for Apple & Android Users

New York City, NY — Available today, BrewHorn offers Android and iOS users the opportunity to explore craft beer armed with their personal taste profile.

BrewHorn features “Your Taste Profile” which assists a user with defining a baseline of taste preferences across a range of parameters. After the user searches a potential beer, the Match Screen displays a simple bottle image to report the percent match between the user’s taste profile and the beer’s mean taste profile. Finally, profiling a beer with BrewHorn records how well the beer actually matched the consumer’s taste preferences.

The current standard for consumers to make beer-buying decisions is to base their decisions on the opinions and personal preferences of other beer drinkers or reviewers. BrewHorn empowers consumers to make purchasing decisions on the most important consideration available, their personal taste preferences.- Joe Callender, Founder, BrewHorn

BrewHorn is free and available to Android and iOS devices worldwide.

BrewHorn is developed by Craft Beer Coach LLC.