Brewery Ommegang Applauds Governor Cuomo’s Decision to Prohibit Fracking in New York

ommegang-logoCooperstown, NY — Brewery Ommegang congratulates Governor Andrew Cuomo who, heeding the advice of Department of Health commissioner Howard Zucker and Department of Environmental Conservation commissioner Joe Martens, has prohibited hydraulic fracturing for shale gas in New York State.

Over the past five years, thousands of individuals, advocacy organizations and businesses joined in an unprecedented grass roots effort to bring attention to the deleterious health and environmental issues of fracking, including the existential threat to upstate’s pristine water supply which would have irrevocably altered our business as a brewery. From a simple business perspective, Ommegang cannot make world-class beer with polluted water.

Ommegang is a committed advocate for sustainable economic development in rural upstate New York. However, in the case of shale gas development, we believe that the decision to protect the legacy of clean water should take precedence over short-term interests. We believe in a bright future for business in New York State and we believe this decision is another right step into that future.

Our opposition to fracking was driven by the desire to protect the water supply for our brewery, our community, the state of New York and those who come after us. Ommegang is gratified and thankful to be among those whose efforts have borne fruit, and we’re grateful to now live, raise our families and continue to grow our business in a New York State no longer threatened by fracking.


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