Boulevard’s “10% for KC” Program Posts Third Quarter Results

Kansas City — Boulevard Brewing Company today announced that its “10% for KC“ program will again provide significant funding to three Kansas City non-profit organizations. Though final figures won’t be available until next week, a dollar amount representing 10% of Boulevard’s third quarter revenue from local sales of KC Pils will be donated to the charitable groups. Online voting determines the allocation among the participants; with 53% of the popular vote, Friends of KC Animals is entitled to 60% of the total pool. American Stroke Foundation and Sleepyhead Beds will each receive 20% of the total contribution.

“All three organizations we partnered with this quarter are very worthy of receiving funds,” said Julie Weeks, Boulevard’s Marketing Communications Manager. “They worked hard to encourage their communities to support the program to buy KC Pils and we are happy to reward their outstanding efforts with sizable checks in the week to come.”

This coming quarter 10% for KC will take a hiatus from its traditional program as it is revamped to be bigger in 2015. Funds will be given to local charities but not through the current voting system. Information on fund distribution from October through December KC Pils sales will be posted at in the coming weeks.

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