Bootstrap Brewing Announces Sparkalicious Greyhound Hard Seltzers in 6-packs

LONGMONT, CO – Bootstrap Brewing announced their Greyhound Sparkalicious Hard Seltzer is now available in 6-packs.  As one of the three delicious flavors in Bootstrap’s Sparkalicious Hard Seltzer Party Pack, Greyhound has risen to the top as a fan favorite.

“We’ve received so many requests from customers asking if they can buy cases of Greyhound that we knew we had a winner with this one and needed to release it on its own,” explained Steve Kaczeus, Owner/Brewer at Bootstrap Brewing.  “We’ve also won 3 awards for this flavor in the short time since its release which is further confirmation for us.”

Hard seltzers are light, refreshing, low calorie, low in ABV, gluten-free, and are expected to become a $2.5 billion beverage category by 2021. They’re also a go-to drink for the Kaczeus’, who currently offer three Sparkalicious flavors (4.5% ABV | 0 IBUs), all made with real fruit and inspired by classic cocktails. You can find every flavor in a 12-pack called the Sparkalicious Party Pack.


The Sparkalicious Greyhound, Sunrise, and Cosmo are sold in a special Sparkalicious mixed Party Pack. Unlike many hard seltzers on the market that use oils, resins, or extracts derived from natural sources to impart flavor to the beverage, Bootstrap’s hard seltzers are all made with real fruit, creating a more natural delicious flavor with vibrant colors.

“When we decided to make Sparkalicious, we wanted a hard seltzer we would enjoy drinking ourselves, and we wanted to use real fruit,” said Kaczeus. “We then decided to create flavors based on cocktails we like to drink.”


Home to best-selling and award-winning craft beers such as Insane Rush, Lush Puppy, Stick’s Pale Ale, Chillax, and Wreak Havoc, Bootstrap Brewing is an independent, adventurous brewery in Colorado dedicated to producing a wide range of ales and lagers.

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