Ben’s American Sake Introduces 8 oz. Slim Cans Available Online

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – On May 15th, 2020 Asheville-based Ben’s American Sake will begin offering their signature infused sake in 8 oz cans featuring updated branding. The lineup includes year-round flavors Pineapple Jalapeno, Lemon Ginger, and Blueberry Lime- each with its own colorful label, offering consumers the ability to identify their favorite flavors at a glance.

Ben’s has been at the forefront of the growing American craft sake market since the brewery opened in 2015. This latest update is a natural next step for a company that aims to meet consumer needs with fresh thinking and constant evolution. Their infused sake line was originally packaged in 12 oz glass beer bottles, a unique offering at the time that encouraged consumers to consider sake as an option for cookouts and casual dinners rather than a special-occasion-only beverage.

Head Brewer Patrick Shearer came on board in spring of 2018, eager to continue the tradition of innovation at Ben’s. “One of my early goals was to transition to cans from glass bottles. Asheville is full of people who love the outdoors. The lighter weight and lower environmental footprint make perfect sense for our consumers.” Ben’s transitioned all of their infused sake varieties to 12 oz cans in the fall of 2018- one of the first American sake breweries to do so.

The current move to 8 oz cans is an effort to continue giving consumers what they want. “Bigger isn’t always better,” says Shearer, “the smaller 8 oz can will offer our customers more of a single-serving option and a lower price point. Our biggest challenge is getting our customers to try something new. Most people are unfamiliar with infused sake and don’t want to shell out a lot of money for something they don’t know they’ll like. We want this to be accessible because we’ve found that once folks try it, they love it. “

Some products, including the incredibly popular sake spritzers released last summer, will remain in 12 oz cans. Shearer explains, “Sake spritzers have a lower alcohol content, coming in at only 6% ABV compared to 12-14% for our infused line. At 6% a 12 oz can makes sense for one person to drink.  When you get into the higher alcohol range, we didn’t want to confuse people with our packaging. We think that the smaller size helps convey that they are drinking a higher alcohol product.” The 12 oz cans of sake spritzers sell for $6 each, $22 for a four pack. The newly-released 8 oz cans of infused sake will sell for $8 each, $29 for a four pack.

The new cans, along with the rest of Ben’s lineup, are available for purchase online at or in the tasting room formerly known as Ben’s Penny Mart, adjacent to Ben’s Tune Up at 195 Hilliard Ave. The tasting room is currently closed due to COVID-19 but local customers can email the day before, cut off time is 8 PM, to place orders for curbside pickup or delivery within Asheville city limits.

About Ben’s American Sake and Ben’s Tune Up

Ben’s Tune Up and Ben’s American Sake are located in a converted auto shop in the South Slope neighborhood of Asheville, North Carolina. Ben’s American Sake is among the first Sake Breweries to open in the United States and has been serving their unique take on the ancient Japanese drink to locals and travelers alike for more than six years. 

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