Beachwood Brewing Creates Limited Release “Chalkboard Series”

LONG BEACH, California – From day one, Beachwood Brewing’s rotating beer menus were written on small chalkboards, often artfully designed by customers and staff, and hung from behind the bar. It’s a tradition they continue at the original brewpub location in Long Beach. The chalkboard menus were conceived as a means to quickly update rapidly rotating beers on tap. In the same spirit, Beachwood has created the “Chalkboard Series,” a rotating selection of small-batch canned beers, available only at Beachwood’s own locations.

To kick things off, on Thursday July 22, the 1st limited series, Street 3, Block 2 will be released. This classic Beachwood Pale Ale is 100% full of simcoe hops.

Beachwood Brewing will continue to release limited runs of the Chalkboard Series.

About Beachwood Brewing

Beachwood Brewing, an independent brewery since 2011, is designed to meet the growing demands with a diverse lineup of core beers, including distinctive West Coast-style IPAs, seasonal favorites, and limited releases. Beachwood has a full-scale production facility and multiple taprooms in Southern California. Across their locations, people come for the beer and stay for the community.

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