All-Female Brewed Beer To Kick Off Arizona Beer Week

Arizona Craft Brewers Guild

Tempe, AZ – If the ladies of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild have anything to say about it, 2016 will be a landmark year for women in beer.

At 6 am Friday, Jan. 15, 2016, the women of Arizona’s explosive craft brew scene will convene at Tempe’s own Huss Brewing Company in the biggest gathering to date of beer-loving women from breweries across the state. Women from all over the state from over 30 breweries and interest in the industry will work collectively to create the first official all-female-brewed beer in Arizona. Participants hope their effort will raise awareness about the rising number of female brewers in the state while encouraging more to become active in the industry.

“More and more Arizona women are becoming craft brewers and launching their own breweries, and we thought this would be a great networking opportunity,” said Leah Huss, of Tempe’s Huss Brewing Company. “What was once largely thought to be a male-dominated industry is evening out, and this event is a great way to get everyone together and show other women interested in breaking in to the brew scene that they aren’t alone.”

On the roster for the all-female gathering is the brewing of a Red IPA, and proceeds from the new brew will go toward Go Red for Women, an American Heart Association charity that works to lower the prevalence of heart disease and stroke among American women.

“There’s a prevailing belief that heart disease is largely a man’s problem, but the fact is, it is the single-most common killer of American women today,” Huss said. “We thought this would be a great way to come up with something really special using our respective talents while helping put a stop to the disease that affects so many of our mothers, grandmothers, colleagues and friends.”

Male and female beer drinkers alike will find Red IPA on tap at various Arizona breweries starting Feb. 11 as part of the kickoff for the 6th annual statewide Arizona Beer Week celebration. The week honors Arizona’s explosive craft brewing scene as well as the men and women who help make it one of the state’s fastest-growing industries.

For more about the women of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild or to stay up-to-date on what’s on tap for Arizona’s biggest week in beer, visit the guild’s website.

About the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild:

The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild was established in 1998 and represents more than 70 microbreweries, breweries in the planning stages, craft beer bars, partners and distributors across the state of Arizona. The guild promotes the craft brewing industry in Arizona by providing educational opportunities to brewers, distributors and consumers. The guild promotes quality craft beers and the responsible consumption of those products.