39 Maine Breweries Collaborate on Beer to Benefit State Brewers’ Guild

PORTLAND, Maine– The Maine craft beer industry is known for its collaborative spirit. Over the next few months, that commitment to community is going to be on display, literally. For the first time, Maine breweries are coming together as one brand to release the first Maine Brewers’ Guild Collaboration Beer to benefit the Maine Brewers’ Guild.

“When markets are tight, the instinct is to differentiate, but our industry has grown through collaboration,” said Sean Sullivan, executive director of the Maine Brewers’ Guild. “Beer labels are an extremely powerful marketing tool, and for brewers to scrap their signature look in favor of one unified brand for even a single beer release is a visual demonstration of their commitment to each other.”

While a collaboration beer between two breweries is not unusual, this Guild Collaboration Beer will offer 39 unique beers from 39 Maine breweries – all adorned with the same label – and will be on sale at breweries, bottle shops and restaurants this fall and winter.

“The Maine brewing community has always been a source of pride for us,” said Ian Dorsey, founder and president of Mast Landing Brewing in Westbrook. “This year, we’ve seen how strong the foundation of support is amongst Maine brewers. Coming together to co-release a beer supporting our Guild is the perfect symbol of the unity we feel so deeply.”

The idea came about after suppliers like Crosby Hops, Maine Malt House and others reached out to the Maine Brewers’ Guild with offers to help the industry through a donation. They came up with the idea to use the donated ingredients to brew a beer that would support the Guild and its efforts to guide the industry through the pandemic. Other donors include Yakima Chief Hops and Blue Ox Malthouse.

Once the list of donated hops, malts and grains was set, a group of Maine brewers hopped onto a Zoom call to pick and choose the best options to create a fresh IPA recipe. With the key components donated, it was decided that each brewery would use their own yeast and base malts to showcase the diversity of flavors that can come from a single recipe.

“There is a lot of talk about hops in the beer community, but malts and yeast can really change the taste of a beer,” said Sullivan. “I think people will be really surprised to see just how different each of these beers will taste. Wherever you are in Maine, look for this label and check the back for which brewery brewed the beer. They’re all excited to showcase their version.”

With 39 different versions to choose from, craft beer lovers will have no shortage of options heading into the holiday season and can drink easy knowing that proceeds will directly support the Maine Brewers’ Guild and craft beer community.

“This beer exemplifies the true nature of the Maine Brewers’ Guild and the entire culture of what being a Maine brewer is all about,” said Kai Adams, vice president and founder of Sebago Brewing Company. “Here in Maine, we have some of the best beer fans and we toast to you with this collaboration.”


  • Allagash Brewing
  • Ambition Brewing
  • Atlantic Brewing
  • Austin Street Brewery
  • Banded Brewing Co.
  • Baxter Brewing
  • Bigelow Brewing Company
  • Bissell Brothers
  • Black Pug Brewing
  • Cushnoc Brewing Co.
  • Definitive Brewing Company, LLC
  • Flight Deck Brewing
  • Fluvial Brewing, LLC
  • Fogtown Brewing Company
  • Footbridge Brewery
  • Gruit Brewing
  • Island Dog Brewing
  • Kennebunkport Brewing Company/Federal Jacks Brewpub
  • Liberator Brewing Company
  • Lone Pine Brewery
  • Lubec Brewing Company
  • Maine Beer Company
  • Marsh Island Brewing
  • Mason’s Brewing Company
  • Mast Landing Brewing Company
  • Moderation Brewing
  • NU Brewery
  • Orono Brewing Company
  • Outland Farm Brewery
  • Saco River Brewing
  • Sebago Brewing Co
  • Side By Each Brewing Co.
  • Some Brewing Company
  • Strong Brewing Co.
  • Tumbledown Brewing
  • van der Brew LLC
  • Waterman’s Beach Brewery
  • Waterville Brewing Company
  • XOTA Brewing Company

About the Maine Brewers’ Guild

Maine Brewers’ Guild is a nonprofit, 501(c)(6) organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the craft beer industry in Maine. Since 1986, Maine has been at the forefront of the craft beer movement. As of November 1, 2020, Maine is home to 150 breweries and is consistently recognized as one of the best destinations in the USA for beer tourists. Learn more at www.mainebrewersguild.org.