Braxton Brewing Company: Sparky

Official description from the brewery:
Our garage was a pretty crowded space. Toys, tools, brewing equipment, and even the family sedan when we could fit it in. Probably no different than your garage. So with space at a premium, there was no room for junk. Everything had to perform. Like that pair of jumper cables over there. When we need them, they get the job done, providing a spark to start something fresh, something new, shared among family, friends, even a stranger in need. So here’s to providing a spark when called upon, no matter who needs it. That’s why we call this this hoppy wheat ale Sparky. And always remember, red to positive. Sparky Hoppy Wheat Ale is a true-to-style American wheat beer. Unlike the common German Hefeweizen which features banana and clove yeast aromas and flavors, this beer features a clean American ale yeast. This single Cascade hop brewed beer focuses on being hop forward with a nice malt background support the hops and keep the beer well-balanced. This hop is citrus and pine forward. Sparky finishes dry, clean and crisp.

Beer Style
Wheat Ale
Year Round