Video: Craft Beer Takes The Stage At 2012 Democratic National Convention

Craft beer took center stage last night at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) as Bill Butcher; the owner of Alexandria, Virginia-based Port City Brewing spoke on behalf of small business owners in support of President Barack Obama.

“Our President has fought for small business owners and now it’s time to fight for him,” Butcher said.

His brief presentation was preceded by a short video that explained the struggles Butcher faced getting the Port City business off the ground.

While Butcher might have been the only current brewery owner to speak, he was followed by a slightly higher-profile former member of the beer trade, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. Hickenlooper, who started Wynkoop brewery, focused on Colorado’s tough summer and the hard work that went into creating his own company.

Both video clips are below.

Brewery: Port City Brewing Co. Website:
Address: 3950 Wheeler Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22304
Brewery: Wynkoop Brewing Co Website:
Address: 1634 18th St
Denver, CO 80202
United States
  • JB

    So, Bill Butcher; the owner of Alexandria, Virginia-based Port City Brewing didn’t build the company himself?

    • Deb

      My brewery- New Glarus Brewing Co.- requires clean water, sewers, roads and an educated workforce, not to mention emergency services and local Police. The SBA and tax breaks for small businesses helped me too. I think we all agree we are stronger working together. So no, we can not build breweries alone.

      • HarveyMushman

        Infrastructure and local public services have nothing to do with starting businesses. They are necessary for civilization and paid for by hard working INDIVIDUALS via taxes….