New Belgium Brewing Unveils Modern Look

In an effort to modernize the look and feel of its brand, New Belgium Brewing will give its entire portfolio of offerings a makeover.

The Fort Collins, Colo.-based company announced today that it will introduce the refreshed look and feel to when it launches in Ohio this December. The company has been pushing into a host of new markets over the past year and plans to enter many more in the months to come.

A press release sent to that the new design will blend “retro elements with a modern twist” and will “progress many of the themes celebrated in New Belgium’s labels over the years.”

“This colorful, handcrafted look has been with us since our inception and the new design brings the portfolio together in a fresh and contemporary way,” Josh Holmstrom, New Belgium’s strategic marketing and branding director, said in the statement. “We feel these designs will delight our long time fans while also inviting new folks into the fold.”

The new designs are the handiwork of Hatch Design, a San Francisco-based graphic design firm that has done work for beverage brands like Vitaminwater, Odwalla and Seagram’s.

A sneak peek at the new look is included for your viewing pleasure.

Brewery: New Belgium Brewing Co Website:
Address: 500 Linden St
Fort Collins, CO 80524
United States
  • BeerThoughts

    Is there any way they could be convinced not to do this? The new layout is a nice mix of modern and retro, but those hand drawn labels were the best – how can you change that? If you want to change the illustrations at least make new ones that still feel drawn or painted. These precise renderings look machine made, not hand made. And please don’t change the circle logo that was printed on the caps. It’s one of the best looking caps out there.
    PS- when your beer is this good, your most valuable marketing tool is word of mouth. Look at standard dogfish head bottles – hideous labels but the beer is so good no one cares and, in fact, those labels are now seen as well designed because they’ve become so familiar to a very loyal community of customers.