Modelo Introduces Chelada Made Special in 24 Oz. Can

CHICAGO (October 2013) - Modelo Especial is embracing its Mexican authenticity this fall, by introducing a drink with traditional Mexican ingredients, Modelo Especial Chelada.

The specially-brewed “cerveza preparada” serves up an authentic blend of  Modelo Especial with the refreshing flavors of tomato, salt and lime in a ready-to-enjoy 24 oz. can. The recipe was carefully crafted to deliver a true Mexican Chelada taste with the convenience consumers are seeking.

“Quality, authenticity and well-balanced flavor are equities of the Modelo Especial brand, and those characteristics are reflected in this new Chelada recipe,” said Jim Sabia, chief marketing officer for Crown Imports, exclusive U.S. importer of Modelo Especial Chelada. “The Modelo Especial Chelada is a delicious, ready-to-drink “cerveza preparada” that meets our consumers’ thirst for an invigorating, authentic Chelada.”

The ready-to-serve can is perfect for a variety of occasions, from kick-starting the evening after a hard day’s work to backyard barbeques or simply relaxing with friends at home. As the only Chelada made “Especial,” Modelo Especial Chelada inspires new drinking occasions for consumers seeking quality and authenticity from a trusted Mexican import brand.

The Modelo Especial Chelada will be made available at retail locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Chicago in October. Modelo Especial Chelada is scheduled for national release in the first quarter of 2014.*

To learn more about Modelo Especial Chelada visit

  • Tina Mares Maestas

    They are so good had this in California but now I’m back in Colorado and I so wish I could get my hands on one of these now :-( please consider sending do to Denver, Colorado please big fan..

  • beerman

    i am a big fan of modelo especial and modelo negra A BIG fan…lets talk about (modelo chilada) to get to the point this beer is NOT good a all i had to trough half of a 24 oz away i have never throne beer away i sould of bough one of the other two beer modelos …next time i will by a Budweiser michilada come on guys dont let me down like i said i am a big fan show me CAREEEEE AND MAKE IT UP

    • Jose

      Budweiser sucks pal, it’s like drinking a can of tomatoe juice!!! Your a beer man wanna be lol.

  • Maria

    When will i modelo cheladas sell in Wisconsin??

  • Maria

    I have to travel to Chicago to purchase modelo cheladas from Wisconsin. That’s a 3hr drive for us! As my husband says its worth it…llol
    You should consider selling in Wisconsin I can guarantee it will be a huge hit and sell!

  • Woka

    These Cheladas go hard in the paint