About Brewbound.com

Brewbound is dedicated to covering the rapidly evolving craft beer industry and delivers daily content via www.brewbound.com and the Brewbound email newsletter. The website's core readers are craft brewers with brands sold on- and off-premise, beer distributors, retailers, investors and industry suppliers.

The Brewbound.com website provides comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information about the craft beer space, analysis of industry trends, interviews with industry leaders, new product announcements and exclusive content from beer events around the country. Brewbound also convenes industry leaders twice a year for the Brewbound Session. Providing brewers with a detailed look at the business of craft beer, our full-day conferences in 2014 will take place in Boston, during the second quarter, and in California during the fourth quarter.

Published by BevNET.com, Inc., a leading business-to-business media company in the beverage space, Brewbound aims to be a leader in the craft beer space, providing information breweries and consumers can trust as factual content rather than rumors heard on blogs or forums.

Key Brewbound Team Members

BevNET.com, Inc. Staff

  • As founder and CEO of BevNET, John Craven is a widely-recognized authority on the beverage industry and he is frequently cited in mainstream media. His vision shapes the editorial, publishing, and positioning of all of BevNET's properties, including BevNET.com, BevNET Magazine, Brewbound.com, BevNET FBU and their associated conferences. John is a graduate of Boston College with a BS in Marketing and Computer Science.
  • As Editor-in-Chief of BevNET, Jeffrey Klineman oversees the organization's reporting across all of its web sites, as well as BevNET Magazine. Jeffrey is also responsible for developing the content for conferences like BevNET Live and Food and Beverage University (FBU). Jeffrey previously worked as a newspaper reporter for the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, the Boston TAB and the Metrowest Daily News, and has freelanced for publications like Slate, Boston Magazine, Self, George, Commonwealth, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Jeffrey is a graduate of Yale University and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. A frequently-cited expert on the beverage industry, Jeffrey has also been named in Forbes as one of the 25 Most Influential Kingmakers in Consumer and Retail Companies. He is still trying to live that one down.
  • John McKenna has written and consulted extensively in the area of foods and beverages. Before joining BevNET to write Energy Drinks 2003, John authored a report on Functional Foods and Beverages and worked as a reporter for FDC Reports covering dietary supplements. John is a graduate of Tufts University.
  • Liz is in charge of planning all of BevNET's conferences, including BevNET Live, Brewbound Session, and BevNET FBU.
  • Ray is the founder, executive producer and head writer of French Oak, an online television show that gives viewers comprehensive insight into the beer, wine and spirits scene in the Boston area. A graduate of Boston University’s School of Management, Ray has also run a consulting practice on behalf of private scholarship foundations in Greater Boston for nearly a decade.
  • Chris is the editor of Brewbound.com and focuses exclusively on the craft beer industry.
  • A 30-year publishing executive, Barry Nathanson has worked as publisher and group publisher in a myriad of markets including cosmetics and fragrance, consumer electronics, food and beverage marketing, non-foods merchandising and convenience store retailing. A graduate of Boston University, Barry has spent the last 22 years in the beverage retailing arena, and his experience has allowed him to serve as a resource to marketers, retailers and distributors, who recognize that his expertise and relationships, as well as his enthusiasm, lend him a unique perspective on their marketplace.
  • Adam is a member of the BevNET sales team and is focused on the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Prior to joining BevNET in 2005, Adam held a position at Decision Resources, a biopharmaceutical executive advisory service and consulting firm, as a Research Associate, covering business and technology drivers of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets. Adam is a graduate of Bates College with degrees in Biology and International Relations.
  • John manages the various industry guides that BevNET publishes throughout the year, and he manages accounts as well. John has over a decade of experience in sales, account management, and customer support. John also runs his own photography business, and you can visit his website at www.NoRoadUnturned.com
  • Matt Kennedy is the Creative Director at BevNET and is responsible for the look and design of all of our publications. A graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Communication at Syracuse University, Matt came to BevNET in 2005 after working for publications in the Philadelphia area.
  • Aaron is a graphic designer and works on BevNET.com, BevNET Magazine, and the many video projects that the company undertakes.
  • Joshua became a member of the team when his startup Brewbound Experience LLC joined forces with BevNET. Joshua edits all of the videos for BevNET, Brewbound, and BevNETFBU.com. Joshua is a 2006 graduate of Northeastern University.
  • Jon came to BevNET in 2013 where his operational skills are utilized to coordinate internally between teams and externally to assist clients. A graduate of Suffolk University, he is the point of first contact here for new brands.
  • As events and billing coordinator, Ashley handles billing, assists with accounting, and also takes part in planning and executing the company's conferences.
  • Jack is a senior media executive with a strong financial background. Currently, Jack serves as a Senior Advisor to Conway, Del Genio, Gries & Co, LLC., the financial advisory and restructuring firm. Jack is also chairman and co-founder of Bevnet.com Inc. Jack’s career includes senior executive positions at major media companies including American Media, Executive Vice President and CFO, and Time Inc where he was Executive Vice President and CFO of Time/Warner Retail Marketing. Prior to that Jack was Senior VP –Operations and CFO of Jobson Publishing. Jack is a CPA and earned an MBA (with distinction) from NYU Stern School of Business. He is former chairman of the NYSSCPA’s Publishing Committee and a member of the Bankruptcy and Reorganization committee. In addition, Jack is a member of the Turn Around Management Association. He is a member of the Board, Audit and Finance committees of the Theodore Roosevelt Council of the Boy Scouts of American, which serves over 17,000 youth in Nassau County, Long Island.