Upslope Brewing Releases No. 5 Imperial India Pale Ale

Upslope Brewing, brewers of premium ales and lagers, introduces its No. 5, Imperial India Pale Ale, this week. This new addition to Upslope Brewing’s year round offerings is packaged exclusively in Ball Corporation’s 19.2 oz Royal Pint aluminum can and will be available in Colorado liquor stores starting today.

Each barrel of Imperial IPA is brewed using six pounds of a unique blend of hops intended to impart subtle flavors of pineapple and melon to the central hop notes of citrus and pine. This assertively hopped 10% ABV Imperial IPA captures a golden color, with a medium body.

“We took our time to develop a unique brewing technique for the Imperial IPA,” says Upslope Brewing founder Matt Cutter, “Our brewers developed a process for adding hops to the beer, that maximizes the hop flavor and aroma without producing astringent or grassy flavors, typically associated with a highly hopped ale.”

The new Imperial IPA will be brewed at Upslope Brewing’s original facility located in North Boulder and canned on its Wild Goose canning line. “Since we began brewing beer in 2008, we always wanted to package one of our small batch series beers in a large format package. Now that we have built our second brewery in Boulder we have the ability to expand our year round offerings into the single serve category.”


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