Unlocal Beer Company to Open in Milwaukee in 2020

MILWAUKEE — Unlocal Beer Company announced today the planned opening of their first location at 725 S 1st Street in Walker’s Point this Summer. The craft beer bar will introduce the local community to new craft beer from microbreweries around the country. Unlocal has launched a crowdfunding campaign through MainVest, an online platform that allows communities to support local entrepreneurs in exchange for a share of the company’s revenue.

Rather than brewing their own beer, Unlocal acts as a medium for providing Milwaukee residents with craft beer otherwise unavailable in Wisconsin. A total of eight breweries will be featured on tap at once, each showcasing a different state and style of beer. Other products from these microbreweries will also be available for purchase in six packs. Featured breweries will rotate regularly, so the taproom will always have something new for frequent customers.

Unlocal will also be working with 2nd Kitchen, a platform that allows customers to order food from nearby restaurants and have it delivered to the taproom. Food trucks will be a regular sighting at the taproom, as the company plans on hosting local vendors during special events.

While many craft beer bars in the area feature an array of products from near and far, Unlocal will focus on smaller breweries that are not currently available in Milwaukee. Good People Brewing Co. in Alabama, Revival Brewing Co. in Rhode Island, and Black Tooth Brewing Co. in Wyoming are a few of the breweries the company plans on featuring in the taproom.

“There are hundreds of breweries in America that have a very small distribution reach,” said Andrew Jerry, founder of Unlocal Beer Company. “After spending a few years traveling around the country and living in a few small towns, it was easy to see that these smaller local breweries aren’t getting the distribution they deserve, and Unlocal is a manifestation of bringing these undervalued beers to a new market of consumers.”

Unlocal is currently seeking local investors to support the renovation of the taproom and equipment purchasing. The MainVest campaign is open to the public, interested parties can get more information at www.unlocalbeerco.com.

About Unlocal Beer Company:

Unlocal Beer Company is a craft beer taproom based in Milwaukee, WI. All of the beer sold at Unlocal is new to Milwaukee, made by small breweries around the country. Opening in 2020, Unlocal Beer Company will be the first taproom in Milwaukee to exclusively serve craft beer from outside Wisconsin. Learn more at www.unlocalbeerco.com.

About MainVest:

MainVest is a community investment platform and Regulation Crowdfunding portal that empowers communities and small business entrepreneurs by allowing everyday Americans to invest in the local businesses they care most about and share in their wealth and success. Through MainVest, individual community members invest in local businesses through financial instruments designed to align incentive and drive successful economic growth. This model encourages investors to become champions of the business, not just supporting it financially but frequenting it and inviting others to do the same. Nearly $2MM has been invested in local businesses on MainVest’s platform to date. MainVest is based in Salem, Massachusetts.