Two Brothers Brewing to Launch Spirits Line

Aurora, Ill. – For 21 years Two Brothers Artisan Brewing has been a pioneer in the Chicago craft beer scene with a passion for experimentation and a drive to push the boundaries of flavor.

Now, the 100% family-owned company looks to continue that passion with its newest venture, Two Brothers Artisan Spirits.

“We’re all about creativity and experimentation at Two Brothers,” said Two Brothers co-founder Jason Ebel. “We’ve been using that creativity to create quality, flavorful craft beer for 21 years now. So, when we saw the opportunity to use some of that experience and put our own unique spin on craft spirits, we jumped at it.”

Distilled in a state-of-the-art, 300-gallon hybrid still located within the Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora, IL, Two Brothers Artisan Spirits have begun to roll out in retail stores as well as restaurants and bars.

The first line of products include Two Brothers Artisan Spirits Vodka, Citrus Vodka, Gin, Coffee Liqueur and Beer Barrel Aged Amaro. As with all Two Brothers products, an emphasis was placed on quality and craftsmanship, with over six months of preparation going into each spirit.

“With all our products we want to take a very purposeful and focused approach,” said Ebel. “We have spent months practicing and testing our processes and recipes to create great products right from the start. We were not going to release a product that didn’t meet our standards. So, we made sure to take our time and do it right and offer our fans a quality product that they have grown to expect.”

With years of experience in brewing beer and roasting coffee, each new spirit will have a signature Two Brothers’ spin. Some of the unique takes on traditional spirits include:

  • Aging Two Brothers Artisan Spirits Amaro in Double IPA barrels.
  • Developing a cold brew coffee specifically to blend seamlessly with Two Brothers Vodka for the Two Brothers Coffee Liqueur.
  • Using an original artisan blend of 11 different botanicals, including Citra hops and Tellicherry peppercorns, in Two Brothers Artisan Spirits Gin.

Future spirits are already in the works including Two Brothers Whiskey, which features a base wash created by the Two Brothers brewing team and Director of Brewing Operations and Head Stillman, Jeremy Bogan. Using years of fermentation experience, that wash was created at the Two Brothers brewery, then distilled and is now currently being aged in barrels in Aurora.

“We have a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to fermentation and the science behind brewing,” said Ebel. “Having that knowledge makes a huge difference in flavor when it comes to distillation. We wanted to use that experience to create a very versatile lineup with a lot of unique products that help us stand out.”

Two Brothers Artisan Spirits will also feature seasonal offerings, including Two Brothers Summer Gin and a locally sourced fruit brandy.

Two Brothers Artisan Spirits has recently launched in select retail stores and exclusive accounts throughout the Chicagoland, and will enter the Arizona market in the near future. Two Brothers Artisan Spirits can also be purchased at the Two Brothers Roundhouse (Aurora, IL) and Two Brothers Social Tap (Oak Park, IL). A full line of cocktails featuring Two Brothers Artisan Spirits is currently available at The Third Floor, located within The Craftsman by Two Brothers in Naperville, IL.

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