Try Extra Dry Cider On Your Thanksgiving Table

Edmonds, Wash. — An increasing number of savvy foodies are pairing extra dry hard cider with Thanksgiving turkey and other holiday foods. And why not?

Unlike sugary ciders and some wines, authentic English style extra dry hard ciders have no added sugar, negligible residual sugar and are food friendly thanks to their complex tannins, unique acid profile and earthiness.

“Traditional extra dry hard cider is being rediscovered,” notes Steve Kaiser, trend watcher and owner of Edmonds-based Core Hero Hard Cider. “Of my three cider varieties, extra dry has become the most popular choice at the farmers markets I attend. And, drinkers are pairing food with ciders the same way they do with wines.”

It’s part of a national trend that some cider enthusiasts claim started in the Seattle area. According to a May 2019 report by Grand View Research, millennials drink less alcohol and choose healthier options across various categories putting cider as one of the preferred drinks. Dry cider contains low sugar and carbs and is considered healthier compared to traditional beers.

Yet some ciders labeled dry are not what they claim. “If you want the traditional, real-deal English extra dry cider that pairs well with many foods, look for certain characteristics,” recommends Kaiser. “For example, pay attention to what kind of apples are used and if they are fresh pressed instead of concentrate purchased from China.”

“Authentic English style ciders use apple varieties that were originally developed in England during the 1700s. At Core Hero apple orchards in Edmonds and Lopez Island, I grow such apples as Golden Russet, Dabinett, Foxwhelp, Kingston Black and Yarlington Mill. They are more difficult to grow and less productive but the distinctive flavor makes it worthwhile.”

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