The Booth Brewing Launches Independent Beer Ad Campaign

EUREKA, Calif.— What does independence taste like? Last year, The Brewers Association launched their “That’s Independence You’re Tasting” campaign to promote independent craft brewers. It builds upon the independent craft brewer seal, a mark the Brewers Association unveiled in 2017 to identify beers brewed by independent craft brewers. In order to promote independent beer, The Booth Brewing Co. released its own video, an homage to Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl commercial.

The line of people marching in unison from the original commercial is replaced by bottles with lifeless stares. The Boothman hurls the hammer towards the monstrous big beer tank and the tank is destroyed. In the end, The Booth Brewing leaves their audiences with their plan to release new independent craft beers and announce “You’ll see why our beer, won’t be like any other beer.”

“We are extremely proud to be a part of Brewers Association which values small craft breweries and I hope this campaign can send a message to beer drinkers the significance of craft beer movement and the taste of independence,” says Jina Park, lead brand marketer at the Booth Brewing. You can see The Booth Brewing’s campaign video on Facebook and Instagram and use the tag #Seektheseal.

About The Booth Brewing Company

The Booth Brewing Co. started off as a small pizza pub in Seoul, Korea in May 2013. It was founded by three friends whose love of craft beer brought them together. They also shared an ambition to create a “booth” where young-minded people could gather to change the world while enjoying quality beer. Four years since its birth, The Booth extended its operations into the current Eureka facility, which was formerly owned by Lost Coast Brewery, becoming the first Asian craft brewery to brew in the US. Since then, it has been catching the attention of many local and international craft beer lovers.