Terrapin Releasing Blueberry Thyme Saison

Athens, GA — The next side project in Terrapin’s series has a culinary twist, inspired by craft cocktails. Blueberry Thyme Saison (#31) will be releasing this June as a nod to the culinary world that beer lives in.

Terrapin’s Side Project series has always been about creativity with brewing ingredients, and this beer doesn’t disappoint. Flavorful and bright, this beer can also be used as an ingredient in your own beer cocktail. (Or sub it in for blueberry shrub in this one: http://www.saveur.com/carolina-blueberry-shrub-cocktail-recipe

Blueberry Thyme Saison is a blend of fresh summer flavors. The tart sweetness of ripe blueberries combined with the floral warmth of thyme play together with the flavors of traditional Saison yeast.

The beer will be available in 500ml bottles and limited draft.