Taste Radio Ep. 100: Fergal Murray on Brand Building, Differentiation and the Importance of Quality Beer

Fergal Murray spent 31 years as a master brewer for Diageo, perfecting one of the world’s most iconic beers — Guinness Irish Stout – one batch at a time.

During his stint as brewmaster, Murray not only honed his skills as a beer maker, but he also represented the Guinness brand worldwide at events and in numerous television, radio and print spots.

In the early 2000s, Diageo created a position for Murray known as “global brand ambassador.” In that role, Murray supported the company’s sales and marketing teams, and he helped develop content to better position the Guinness brand globally.

So what do you do when Murray shows up at your office with a couple cases of beer and a few boxes of pizza? You grab some microphones and press record.

In the latest episode of Taste Radio, we sit down with Murray to discuss how the global beer market has evolved during his time in the business, the challenges of building a brand in a competitive marketplace, and the importance of continually identifying ways to improve the quality of your beers.

Listen to Murray’s interview on episode 100 of Taste Radio here.