TapRm Craft Beer Online Marketplace Launches in New York

NEW YORK – A new company has made it easier for New Yorkers to find their favorite brews literally at their doorstep. New York City-based TapRm, the recently-established online marketplace for hard to find craft beers, has decided to take charge to transform the beer landscape, working to ensure beer lovers can continue to enjoy their favorite brands anywhere – be it at home, at gatherings or even during their vacation.

TapRm’s new business model is making waves, offering consumers a treasure trove of unique beers from the most sought-after craft and micro-breweries around the world. TapRm stocks up on those beers and works to get them directly to consumers through online orders.

“I am so proud to share what TapRm has to offer with my fellow New Yorkers,” said TapRm CEO and founder, Jason Sherman. “As a craft beer lover myself, I have experienced firsthand the disappointment of not being able to find beer locally from some of my favorite breweries out of state. I used my experience working as a lawyer at a large global brewer to develop a seamless solution to this unnecessary problem.”

Smaller craft breweries are often not able to legally ship their beer across state lines without a local distributor in place to sell their beer, stemming from old and tired laws that are long overdue for change. TapRm’s innovative model modifies this process, allowing breweries to reach consumers directly online.

“As a local New York brewer, we did not have the resources or distribution system to get our beers out to consumer across the state” said Emily Watson, owner of Plan Bee Farm Brewery and TapRm brewery partner. “Incorporating TapRm onto our website positively changed how we operate, enabling us to reach far more of our loyal consumers in New York and beyond!”

Many of the beers found on TapRm are almost impossible to obtain in New York or do not have online presence, so this model enables support to the featured breweries small businesses and their communities.

Intrigued and want to learn more? Already thinking of that craft IPA only found in Colorado? Head over to Taprm.com and get an order in. TapRM can accommodate requests for specific brews upon communication. Those looking for a specific label that is not yet available through TapRM can email the company at info@taprm.com.