Talking Rain Beverage Co. Names New Vice President of Human Resources

SEATTLE, WA – Talking Rain Beverage Company®, the maker of Sparkling Ice® beverages, today announced that Veronica Blankenship has been appointed to Vice President of People within the company’s Human Resources department.   Veronica joined Talking Rain Beverage Company® over eleven years ago and led the charge in rebuilding the company’s Human Resource department, transforming it into its present-day People team. Within her role, Veronica will continue to lead cross-departmental collaborations and provide advanced support in talent attraction, retainment and development, as the leading beverage brand continues to expand globally.   “I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the People team as Vice President and to continue growing with the Talking Rain family during such an important time for the company’s evolution,” said Veronica Blankenship. “I’m thrilled to be a part of such an innovative and dynamic leadership team who are dedicated to enriching company culture and continuing to fulfill a purpose-driven mission to support employee growth and success.”   Under Veronica’s leadership, the People team has developed a strong, flexible infrastructure known as the “Attract, Retain and Develop” program that has allowed the organization to achieve sustainable success and culture, while keeping up with the demands from the rapidly evolving marketplace. Through this program, the company has hired more than 170 new employees in the last year and plans to keep that pace through 2022.      

About Talking Rain® Beverage Company

Talking Rain is a Washington-based beverage company that has been an industry leader in the Seattle-area for more than 30 years. The company’s portfolio of brands includes Sparkling Ice, Sparkling Ice +Caffeine, Talking Rain Sparkling Water, Talking Rain Elevate, and the Talking Rain Essentials line, all of which offer better-for-you beverage options in a variety of flavors. With a commitment to developing best-in-class brands and driving meaningful community engagement, Talking Rain is creating connections with every sip. Talking Rain is building a sustainable future. The company is committed to connecting with like-minded partners who prioritize corporate, social, and environmental responsibility, so together, they can educate and inspire the continuous work that supports these efforts. Through innovative carbon reduction initiatives, positive social programs, and philanthropic support, Talking Rain aims to create a lasting impact in the community.

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