Talea Beer Co. Launches with Sun Up Hazy IPA

NEW YORK — Talea Beer Co. has launched with Sun Up, a hazy IPA. Founded by Tara Hankinson and LeAnn Darland, Talea (pronounced tuh-lay-uh) aims to create easy-drinking staples and rotating seasonals that are approachable for even the most casual beer drinker.

“I fell in love with craft beer after years of studying wine, but I never felt the same connection to breweries as I did to wineries,” said Hankinson. “I started homebrewing and eventually left my professional MBA path to join the beer industry, always with the idea of starting my own beer company.”

“I really got into craft beer while living in San Diego and sharing pints with my (mostly male) Navy friends,” said Darland. “Knowing beer could reach a wider audience, I wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the industry. Luckily I met Tara, and three months later we began working on Talea after we realized we shared the same vision.”

A culmination of their love for the industry and passion to make beer more accessible and inclusive for all, Hankinson and Darlan aim to offer both novices and beer aficionados the same inviting and joyous experiences cultivated by wineries.

With Head Brewer Johnny Osborne (previously of LIC Beer Project and Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewery) at the helm of production, Sun Up and all forthcoming Talea offerings are characterized by wine-inspired tasting notes to create flavorful, fruit-forward, low bitter beers for any occasion.

An ode to the early mornings Hankinson and Darland spent developing Talea, Sun Up (6.5% ABV) is a low-bitterness New England-style IPA that represents optimism and new ventures. Exuding sunny vibes, the pineapple-forward IPA also includes notes of lemon and berry with hints of vanilla, passion fruit, and marshmallow. The beer is hazy, opaque, and pale gold in appearance with a massive dry hop addition to boost the tropical, ripe fruit aromas. Oats and lactose add a smooth, creamy body.

Later in 2019, Talea will launch two additional beers: Lunch Date, a Pale Ale (5.5% ABV), and Bravada, a Brut IPA (7% ABV).

Sun Up is currently available at restaurants and retailers throughout New York City, including for purchase on-tap at Alewife Brewing Co. (Queens), The Jeffrey (Manhattan) and City Hops (Manhattan), and in cans at Tørst (Brooklyn) and at City Beer (Manhattan). Products will soon be available in Long Island/The Hamptons. Opening in mid-2020, the Talea tap room will welcome the public for tasting flights, brewery tours, cans-to-go, and all-around merriment.

For the latest offerings and happenings, “‘like” Talea on Facebook, follow on Instagram and visit www.taleabeer.com.

About Talea Beer Co.

Talea Beer Co. is a female and veteran-founded beer company based in New York City, creating flavor-first, delicious beers for beer aficionados and novices alike. Launched by Tara Hankinson and LeAnn Darland in 2018, Talea Beer Co. is a culmination of their love for the beverage and their passion to create an approachable, inclusive beer company. TALEA Beer Co. aims to offer women and men easy-to-love staples and rotating seasonals that are designed to inspire and delight. Each beer is characterized by wine-inspired tasting notes, creating flavorful, sessionable, fruit-forward beers for any occasion.