The Alison Group Partners with State and Local Governments to Fight Pandemic

As governments and medical workers struggle to manage the growing coronavirus outbreak, the beverage industry and marketing world have been on survival mode.

When traditional marketing needs and social norms take a backseat to a health crisis, breweries and distilleries  must find ways to adapt to fill the void left as Americans practice social distancing and the bars and restaurants in their communities close down, in many cases for good.

The Alison Group has seen this sudden shift firsthand. A leader in the POS beverage and marketing industry, TAG has refocused its vast networks overseas to fill the growing need in America for personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety related supplies.

From face masks to sanitizers, The Alison Group is collaborating with local and state government and medical professionals throughout the nation to provide them with the tools they need to combat the growing pandemic. As resources become more and more scarce, the need becomes even more dire. TheUnited States Conference of Mayors released a survey on 3/27/20 warning America’s cities overwhelmingly don’t have enough PPE for first responders, police, doctors and nurses.

“We went from making tap handles and LEDs to N95 masks and medical gowns,” Tony Azar, The Alison Group region vice president, said. “You constantly hear on the news about the urgent needs for PPE all over the country. Distilleries are now making hand sanitizer. We are shifting with the market…from beer bottles to sanitizer bottles.”

The challenge is to find reputable manufacturers that can meet the urgent demand for PPE that conforms to U.S. regulations and standards.

“Our client’s reputation, and of course, safety, are our upmost concerns,” said Jeff Schweiger, TAG’s CFO. “All of our partners are carefully vetted. Our clients know to trust us. After decades in the industry, we already had an established network of partners/manufacturers overseas. We feel it’s our duty to use these resources to provide some stability in these unstable times.”

TAG is finding ways to thrive despite the uncertainty; transitioning its labor force and shifting core overseas and domestic operations to meet new challenges in the era of COVID-19. Whether it’s PPE, tents, face shields (for cashiers,) sneeze guards or special signage, The Alison Group is one of many companies forced to reinvent itself in the midst of an unprecedented national emergency.

To learn more about the evolution of The Alison Group and all its operations, visit http://www.alisongroup.comor contact


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