Purified Water Additive ACCUmash Now Available for Microbreweries

Since 2013, ACCUmash has been making the brewing process easier for home brewers with their offering of water treatment packets. Recently, ACCUmash has begun offering its 9 formulations as well as custom water consultation services to breweries with their ACCUmash Professional Series.

ACCUmash is a patent‐pending, purified water (Reverse Osmosis) additive that targets the correct water profile for specific styles of beer. With 9 formulations, there is an ACCUmash ProSeries available for almost any beer type.

ACCUmash inventor and business owner, Gary Williams, states, “By removing water from a brewery’s spectrum of variability, it allows the brewery to focus more on honing in on a recipe and consistently making great beer instead of getting caught up in the chemistry.”

Many new and existing breweries already use Reverse Osmosis (RO) water in their brewing process, but they don’t have the equity to keep a chemist on staff to manage the chloride to sulfate or calcium and magnesium levels for every beer type they brew. Consistency is also key.

The ACCUmash Professional Series comes in 1 Barrel and 5 Barrel sizes and can be scaled to fit a start‐up brewery to a larger output brewery.

For more information, visit accu‐mash.com.