Fraser Valley Hop Farms To Begin Planting Cascade and Centennial Hop Varieties

Agassiz, BC — Fraser Valley Hop Farms will see more farm equipment in the fields during August, 2017. Over 12,000 Cascade and Centennial Hop varieties will be planted and likely mark the companies very first harvest.

“It’s a great feeling to see the sheer number of world interest and confidence in this project. This level of energy and momentum only affirms our partners will want to increase their initial participation.” Says Teya K. Blackwell, Public Relations Director, FVHFs.

The farm is located in an exceptional area near Agassiz, BC. The farm site boasts high quality irrigation water, adequate annual rain fall, sunlight for the pants and ideal soil PH levels to supercharge hop growth.

Prior to planting, electric services were required both for the farms existing acres as well as additional energy requirements for future acreage to be planted. FVHF’s recently constructed power grid allows has the capacity to support more than its first 130 acres of hops producing land.

“Planting hops in our very first year is off to a good start,” said John Jenkinson, FVHF’s Field Operations Manager. “From what I can see, there is nothing to indicate any major challenges in the weeks ahead. Now that our foundation has been set, planting our first 12,000 plants will be an incredibly rewarding experience.”

When the plants are placed in the field, they are healthy, hardy and around 1 foot tall. This is made possible by having a controlled growing environment, such as a green house. The Hops plants at Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc, are intentionally cut down several times, to strengthen the plant’s durability. This increases the chances of the Hop plants survival with optimal annual yields.

After the first 6,000 Cascade & 6,000 Centennial Hop plants have been planted, Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc. plans to join the: BC Hop Growers Association, (BCHGA). The association operates within the Province of British Columbia, Canada. BCHGA strive to unite growers, rebuild the industry and obtain additional funding for expansion through education, research and high quality standards. Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc. will forge new and dedicated relationships with additional craft brewers, hop farmers as well as those in related agricultural sectors across British Columbia.

“Ensuring our farmers, partners, employees and associates can achieve our minimum planting targets is a major milestone iin the forward vision of Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc.’s, it’s a historical moment.” says Shane D. Toews, Marketing Director for the farm.

Global market value for hops is on the rise. Quality is paramount to for FVHFs. With the 12,000 plants FVHFs has optimal growing practices in place to include:  drying, harvest date, pelleting and packaging procedures. The farm has put forth policy and procedure guides for quality assurance. Vacuum sealed storage practices are also in place to retain the aroma and fresh attributes of both Cascade and Centennial Hops.

Alex Blackwell, Managing Director of Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc, “The Company’s business model has been sought by progressive farmers and business owners for a number of years. It’s about time that we as farmers are able to capture the margins offered through smart farming technology and other cost saving, efficiency increasing methods.”

The farm will provide a full range of Hop Varieties to breweries both locally and across the globe. It is estimated that once Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc. competes planting in their initial 130 acre field, the average anticipated yield should be upwards of 15,000 pounds per acre.

Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc, is in it’s first year of hops farming. Employment opportunities are available for labor, sales, technology, partners & strategic alliances. Those interested in learning how to participate are encouraged to reach out to the Hops farm.

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