Study Break to Launch Pumpkin Spiked Latte Seltzer

LOS ANGELES, CA – Seltzer just became ‘brewtiful’. Study Break, LA’s first independent hard seltzer, and internet personality Loryn Powell have spiced things up with the launch of their Pumpkin Spiked Latte collaboration that will have you saying, ‘Oh My Gourd!’

Loryn and Study Break are pushing the boundaries in the category with their ‘Go Big or Gourd Home’ playbook. They’ve created a nitro PSL with real Colombian coffee, real pumpkin, and a real kick at 6.5% ABV. The exclusive flavor will be available this Fall – and only 1,000 12-packs of this no sugar, no dairy goodness will be sipped on.

LA-based Study Break is known for its cocktail-inspired hard seltzers made from a unique alcohol base made from fermented oranges and delivers a bold, yet refreshing taste. The young experimental brand has built a following on social media with over 3 million views on Tik Tok and landed major collaborations with the likes of Grammy-nominated artist Internet Money who produced the certified platinum single ‘Lemonade.’

“This collaboration started during the peak of the pandemic in 2020” said Sean Kawamura, Study Break’s Chief Break Officer and Founder. “My girlfriend sent me Loryn’s videos, and we literally laughed all night long. Loryn gave us the break we needed, and her puns are to die for. She was building a special community and we wanted to be part of it.”Connecting through DMs and eventually meeting, Loryn and Sean hatched a plan to shock the world.

Loryn, known as ‘The Seltzpert’, spent the past year creating viral videos ranking over 200 beverages for her one million followers. Her comedy racked up 130 million views, and even caught the attention of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner.

In 2019, Loryn made a video pouring pumpkin spice liqueur into a hard seltzer. “I walked so all these other autumnal seltzers could run,” she likes to joke. “The one thing we feel like hasn’t been done yet is a true pumpkin spice latte hard seltzer with actual caffeine.”

Sparing no expense, they developed a one-of-a-kind recipe sourcing Colombian coffee and pumpkin puree to bring something new into the category. Through countless taste tests and months of planning, the PSL of your dreams has arrived.

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