SteadyServ Technologies Acquires PintLabs, LLC

CARMEL, Indiana — SteadyServ Technologies, a mobile SaaS-based inventory and management system for the beer industry, today announces the acquisition of PintLabs, the leading provider of online beer information and data. Through the agreement, SteadyServ acquires all of PintLabs’ assets, including BreweryDB, creating a more robust experience for iKegTM users.

“We are proud and excited to add the deep skills and experience of the PintLabs team, as well as the industry-leading products they have developed, to the SteadyServ family,” said Steve Hershberger, CEO of SteadyServ. “This acquisition puts us another step closer to delivering the new standard of performance within the three-tier system. iKeg makes it easier for brewers, distributors and retailers to optimize their beer selection and ensure they have the right amount in the right places — at the right time — so that patrons don’t have to hear, ‘sorry we are out of that,’ ever again.”

Founded in 2011 by passionate beer enthusiasts Jason Austin, Garrison Locke and Shaun Farrell, PintLabs’ BreweryDB contains detailed information on more than 30,000 beers and brewers, including an overview, history, locations, label art and ingredients, as well as other core beer attributes such as style, alcohol content and bittering units.

The acquisition of this data will now provide iKeg users — on-premise restaurants and bars, brewers and distributors — with this breadth of information at their fingertips during the in-app experience. Soon, it will also allow consumers to quickly find where their favorite beers are on tap and more easily explore new beers that are trending in popularity in their geographic location.

For distributors, using iKeg with the integrated BreweryDB database helps build their own product lists and educate staff on all pertinent characteristics of each beer. In addition, breweries can ensure that the information about their beers is complete and accurate, as well as share content about the beer and the brewery. And lastly, retailers can utilize the information to promote the beers that they have on tap at any given time and provide service staff with an effective beer education and marketing tool.

About SteadyServ

Headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, SteadyServ was co-founded in 2012 by Steve Kremer and Steve Hershberger, an experienced software, technology and beer entrepreneur. Kremer and Hershberger have assembled a strong team with extensive experience in software design and engineering, craft brewery marketing and operations, hardware engineering, big data analytics, as well as, global manufacturing, mobile technology, finance, and business operations.