Sonoma Cider Expands in Florida with Brown Distributing


HEALDSBURG, CA — Sonoma Cider, the award-winning producer of such innovative hard ciders as The Hatchet, The Pitchfork, and The Anvil, announces a new agreement with Brown Distributing Company for service in the Florida market which went into effect on November 16, 2015.

Sonoma Cider is the fast-growing artisan brand in the exploding hard cider category, rapidly gaining a reputation for its certified organic ingredients and innovative, distinctive flavors. Founded in 2013 by wine industry veteran David Cordtz and his son, Robert, Sonoma Cider is garnering high praise from critics, prestigious awards in competitions, and fierce loyalty from consumers. The brand was named 2015 Cider Producer of the Year by the New York International Beer Competition.

Founded in 1919, Brown Distributing Company has grown into a beverage distribution business with combined sales of over 11 million cases annually and serving in excess of 6,000 retailers. In addition to handling many of the nation’s largest beer brands, the company is the leading distributor of microbrew and craft beer brands, as well as the distributor of choice in Florida.

“Teaming with Brown Distributing opens a vastly larger market for Sonoma Cider in Florida, a key growth region for us,” says David Cordtz. “Brown not only handles most of the top-quality regional and national craft beers, but their commitment to environmental responsibility is consistent with our own values and our focus on organic ingredients and sustainability.”

The U.S. cider category is currently experiencing rapid growth, as consumers seek alternatives to traditional beer and wine. Sonoma Cider produced approximately 65,000 cases of cider in 2014, and expects to more than double its production this year. Across the country, sales of hard cider have quintupled over the past three years, making it the fastest-growing segment by far of the beer and flavored malt beverage category.  According to the market research firm IRI, cider sales grew 75.4 percent to $366 million in the 12 months through November 2014, and that level of sales growth shows no signs of slowing down in 2015.

Sonoma Cider offers three core, award-winning varieties, including:

  • The Hatchet, the company’s signature hard apple cider, made from organic apples.
  • The Pitchfork, combing both apples and pears to create a crisp yet creamy hard cider.
  • The Anvil, combining organic apple cider with hints of authentic, smoky bourbon.

In addition to its core product line, Sonoma Cider offers a variety of innovative “Limited Run” and “Cider Maker Reserve” flavors.

Sonoma Cider is available at retail liquor stores and natural foods stores in most key U.S. markets. It is also available in bottles and on tap at many bars and restaurants nationwide. Find a list of retailers, and more information about Sonoma Cider, at

About Sonoma Cider

Sonoma Cider handcrafts the only full line of organic ciders in the U.S., each made with distinctive, all natural, gluten-free ingredients. Sonoma Ciders are produced from freshly squeezed, organic apples in micro batches to deliver intensity of flavor and a refined experience for this rapidly growing category. The company was founded in 2013 by 20-year veteran cidermaster, David Cordtz, with his son and co-founder, Robert Cordtz. Together they combine decades of industry expertise with next generation dynamism. Learn more at