Silver City Brewery Announces New Flagship Brew: Tropic Haze India Pale Ale

Silver City Brewery Tropic Haze India Pale Ale

Bremerton, WA — With a movement consisting of nearly five-thousand-strong breweries, each cranking out dozens of recipes, one could believe that every possible style had been explored. Ales, lagers, and the ambiguous in-between; light malts, dark malts, adjuncts, fruits, and spices- we’ve barrel-aged it all, soured it all, served it on nitro, served it on cask, and pushed it through a randall. Who would have known that the latest innovation would be derived via a return to minimalism, and re-imagining how beer’s most basic ingredients are utilized?

Recent years have seen the dawn of what many believe to be an emerging new category of India Pale Ale- the “Hazy” or “Juicy” IPA. A mysteriously opaque brew that visually evokes comparisons more in line with Sunny D than your typical ale, controversy has erupted as to whether or not this brew genuinely deserves to be classified as its own style. As with with any component of popular culture, brews such as these have gained their share of elitist dissenters, decrying the “Haze Craze” as the headlines speak of it, but honestly we don’t give a rat’s ass about rhetorical nonsense, because when executed properly*, the beer is freaking delicious.

*Note: Rumor on the streets has it that certain brewers have attempted to “cheat” the haze by adding baking flower or by leaving an undesirable amount of yeast in suspension. We refer not to these.

A symptom of this supreme deliciousness, beers of this of this “style” are exceptionally difficult to find, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, where the brewing of these beers is largely uncharted territory. In order to experience the acclaimed and coveted hazy, juicy IPA, the band of brewers at Silver City Brewery explored back-channel beer trading avenues until a thriving collection had been assembled for tasting. We fell in love. A tounge-punch of intense fruit flavor with a formidable yet silky body & mouthfeel, and a remarkably clean finish.This type of beer was unlike anything the crew had experienced. As each can of the stylistic frontrunners had been cracked and poured, the beer was hazy, but it was becoming pilsner-clear what we had to do.

Pale malt, flaked wheat, rolled oats, and hops. Who would have known that this degree of innovation could be derived via such extreme minimalism? The haze is in the details- or in this case, the yeast. It was discovered that a specific variety of ale yeast, when in the presence of oats and wheat, blossoms into both a rich spectacle and a unique canvas in which to imbue an extraordinary degree of hop flavor & aroma. When properly finished, the resulting beer contains little to no yeast in suspension, despite its opacity.

Now that the secrets of the haze had revealed themselves, the brewers of Silver City got to work. Not content to merely emulate the existing heady chart-toppers, but to instead imagine the inspiring ways this canvas of flavor could be utilized, they dove into the top-secret chest of experimental hop samples, cold-stored deep within the brewery laboratory. After several pilot brewing sessions, one particular new hop variety (that shall not be named) absolutely screamed when combined with this newfound brewing technique. When blind-tasted, close friends and lovers of beer insisted that we had incorporated pineapple juice, mango, or orange into the hazy brew- flavor components all achieved via this extraordinary new hop. Reminiscent of getting hazed on a hot Miami beach over cool, tropical drinks, Tropic Haze India Pale Ale had come to life, in all of its flickering neon glory.

A long-gestating project, and one that we’re immensely proud to reveal, Tropic Haze India Pale Ale is finally ready to take its place in Silver City Brewery’s flagship lineup of ales, joining distinguished favorites such as Ridgetop Red Ale and Nice Day IPA. The beer will be available year-round on draft and in 6-packs of 12oz cans throughout all of Washington State and Northern Idaho, beginning with its formal release Thursday, February 24th at Silver City Brewery Taproom and Silver City Restaurant & Ale House.

About Silver City Brewery
For most in the Puget Sound, when you look west at the Olympic Mountains you’re looking right at the “Silver City”. The convergence point right before you jump off into the wilderness of the Olympic National Forest on your way to the Pacific Ocean, resting between the edge of the Puget Sound and the base of the Olympic Mountains, rests Silver City. This Urban-Suburban experience is a sweet brewer’s mash of Seattle city life and breathtaking outdoor adventure, all within ones reach. Beer, well made, brings the people of the “Silver City” together in celebration of having it all.

Silver City Restaurant & Brewery is the Kitsap Peninsula’s premier destination for award-winning, handcrafted beers, Northwest-inspired food, legendary hospitality, and great memories in a fun, friendly environment.

Silver City was started in 1996 by Co-owners Steve & Scott Houmes, and it remains a locally owned and operated family establishment. Silver City Brewery’s handcrafted beers are available on draft, in 22oz bottles, and 12oz bottle & aluminum can 6-packs around the Western Washington area in bars, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Silver City Brewery’s production facility & brewery taproom is located at 206 Katy Penman Ave. in Bremerton, WA. Silver City Restaurant is located in Silverdale at 2799 NW Myhre Rd.

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