Shady Oak Releases 1st Spontaneous Beer From Mobile Coolship

SANTA ROSA, Calif. — Shady Oak, a brewery based in Santa Rosa, California, is announcing the long-awaited release of Point of Origin, their first 100% spontaneously fermented ale utilizing their mobile coolship. On February 12, 2021, sour fans will have the opportunity to get their hands on this extremely limited bottle-only release.

A coolship (or koelschip) is a large open-top vessel designed to cool the wort and capture naturally occurring wild yeast in the air, thus inoculating the liquid and transforming it into beer. Traditionally used by Belgian lambic producers, this kind of spontaneous fermentation has been increasing in popularity with modern brewers across the globe.

The major difference between a standard coolship and Shady Oak’s is its mobility, allowing it to be transported virtually anywhere. Doty wanted the ability to show the true terroir of the area – in peach orchards, on cannabis farms, on river banks, or even in his own backyard.

“There are various agricultural landscapes and microclimates in Sonoma County… different fruit orchards, vineyards, and natural plant life attract different microflora, resulting in a unique product every time. It seemed a disservice to only use a coolship in one location.”

He launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring his dream to life and it was clear others were intrigued by the concept. In December 2018, the coolship premiered with the first batch parked outside Shady Oak’s creekside taproom in downtown Santa Rosa. Soon after, it went straight into used wine barrels and began its long journey of fermentation and maturation until it was bottled in September of 2020.

Beautifully golden in color, Point of Origin is highly carbonated, acidic, and bone dry. Years in French oak contribute tannins to accentuate a body that hints at sweetness and fruit flavors. Aromatics of apricots, honey, and an unmistakable earthiness reminiscent of farmhouses and leather leap out of the glass. Point of Origin is exactly what it sounds like – a starting point for Shady Oak and their endless possibilities in spontaneous fermentation.

For a look into all their current offerings and to place an order for local pickup or California shipping, please visit

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