Shade Tree Brewing Sourcing Funds on Kickstarter

DURHAM, NC – Though software engineering may not be the first thing that comes to mind when discussing craft beer, such is not the case for two new brewers in the craft beer scene. Andrew Simmering and David Britt, RTP software engineers, are working towards opening a new brewery in the Triangle area; Shade Tree Brewing Company. Whether it be their operational size, their projects, or their method of funding, these guys are anything but conventional.

They are opening on a scale that would make a micro brewery feel like a multinational conglomerate. They are calling themselves a nano brewery and planning on producing only enough output to support their local community. This is not because of restrictions or inability, but rather they believe that a smaller output will allow them to make a commitment to quality and creativity. It’s also not all about profit as they are already working on plans for unique, no-profit projects. One such project is a series of charity beers brewed in conjunction with local homebrew clubs. Another, which throws back to their programming roots, is a community-designed open source beer.

Unfortunately, such a business model does not tend to attract the attention of venture capitalists, and thus their approach to funding does not follow conventional methods. While all of their backing thus far has come from their own wallets, they are now looking to their community to help them along. This is taking form as a project on the creative backing Kickstarter.

Shade Tree Brewing Company was founded in April of 2010, and plans on launching before 2013, and will do so with two staple beers: A K├Âlsch-style hybrid ale, and an Imperial IPA. The K├Âlsch is a lighter, crisper beer intended to satisfy the lovers of the K├Âlsch style while also attracting people new to the craft beer movement. Their Imperial IPA is a heavier, more robust ale designed specifically for those who have already developed a taste for heavy, hoppy, high gravity beers. As they move forward, they plan to have a rotating selection of seasonal beers, as well as experimental or uncommon styles.

More information on Shade Tree can be found on the following sites:

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