Sebago Brewing Company Releases Single Hopped Pale Ale

GORHAM, Maine — On Friday, October 11, Sebago Brewing Company released Ahtanum Single Hopped Pale Ale exclusively at Sebago pubs. With over 80 hop varieties to choose from, Sebago brewers were inspired to brew this small batch beer using a hop they’d never worked with before – Ahtanum.
Ahtanum Pale Ale pours a golden straw color with eggshell-white foam and has a spicy lemongrass aroma. The beer’s subtle maltiness gives way to a bright, clean, dry finish. Ahtanum Pale Ale complements a wide range of foods, from earthy, ripe cheeses to light seafood dishes, making it a perfect accompaniment to Sebago Brewing Company’s upscale brewpub offerings.
Ahtanum Single Hopped Pale Ale Fact Sheet
  • Style:
    American Pale Ale
  • History:
    First Brewed in 2013
  • Orig. Gravity: 12.3 ┬░P
  • Color:
    Golden Straw 8.6 SRM
  • ABV: 5.6%
  • IBU: 47.2
  • Aroma:
    Lemon Zest & Tropical Grapefruit Aromas
  • Hops: Ahtanum
  • Malts:
    Thomas Fawcett Golden Promise, Thomas Fawcett CaraMalt, Briess Silo Blend, Briess Red Wheat, Briess Flaked Oats
  • Pairing Suggestions: Sharp and tangy cheeses, shellfish, roasted chicken

About Sebago Brewing Company

Sebago Brewing Company is a Maine-owned and operated company firmly rooted at the crossroads of food and beer. Since opening in 1998, Sebago has become Maine’s premier contemporary American brewpub and one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the state. Sebago offers a full line of year round beers, five seasonal beers, and several highly-anticipated limited edition Single Batch Series beers that have a reputation as creative, high quality, unique beers that tempt and satisfy the palates of New England’s beer lovers. Great people, great beer, great food.