Saucy Brew Works Launches New Crowdfunding Raise with Start Engine

Saucy Brew Works recently launched their second public crowdfunding raise with Start Engine. Now you can join the Saucy State of Mind as an investor of their company and member of the team. The goal of this raise is to increase capital that will assist in their current and upcoming expansion projects such as their new brewing facility in Independence, Ohio neighboring Top Golf, and their next Brewpub and Coffeehouse set to open in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Over the past year, Saucy Brew Works has exceeded expectations within the service and craft beer industries through increased production of their beer for state-wide distribution and in-house sales, and the openings of additional restaurants. In Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) sales, the “industry” term for grocery store sales, they are one of the top five selling brands in Cleveland, and as of June 2020, the fastest growing brand in the state of Ohio. They opened three new locations between July 2020 – March 2021, these include a taproom and coffeehouse at Pinecrest in Orange, Ohio, and brewpubs in Columbus, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan. They will be opening a kitchen at the Pinecrest taproom this summer.

With the new ability to share ownership of Saucy Brew Works with friends, family, community members, and supporters throughout the country, Saucy will be able to create more job opportunities in-and-out of their facilities. Further expansion will also become more accessible. As well, the ability to grow in the craft beer category through additional distributor partnerships in selected states.

One of the tenets of this raise is to give Saucy Brew Works’ current and future employees additional opportunities and continued education with the belief that those employees will become lifelong brand advocates and move up within the organization. “We know that the more we invest in our team, the more they will invest back into their company and help build the communities we call home,” said David Lentz, Accounting Manager. It is their notion that using the “pub and spoke” approach will garner increased opportunities for community members – an effort to give back to each neighborhood they join.

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