Down the Road Beer Co. Launches Fall Seasonal

Down the Road Beer Co. announces the launch of its 10th beer and fall seasonal: Henzelmann’s Festbier to debut at the Everett Village Festival on September 17!

Everett, MA — Down The Road Beer Co. is pleased to introduce its 10th distributed beer: Henzelmann’s Festbier (6.5% ABV.) Just in time for the fall, this traditional German-style lager evokes the true spirit of Munich’s Oktoberfest. Pilsner, Munich and Vienna malts combine with crisp, Hallertau hops to create a beautiful golden lager that draws inspiration straight from the taps of Oktoberfest’s legendary beer halls.

This fall seasonal is a stellar example of Down The Road’s commitment to traditional styles. In contrast to the common pumpkins and October ales, Henzelmann’s Festbier is a true-to-form fall lager. Light bodied and crisp, slight breadiness is balanced by subtle Hallertau hops to create a gorgeous brew that is equally at home in an earthenware Maßkrug or one of Down the Road’s signature 16oz cans.

And what is a Henzelmann, you may ask? Henzelmann, or Heinzelmännchen, are a kind of supernatural creature sometimes referred to as kobolds. These helpful little guys frequently make their homes inside village breweries to assist with the brewing of their favorite indulgence – beer! Although they are famously secretive and stealthy, Henzelmann often step up their efforts in preparation for large festivals like Oktoberfest and Carnival in order to ensure there is enough beer for all the revelers. The Henzelmann’s Festbier from Down The Road is a tribute to these supernatural assistant brewers, and an acknowledgement of all the festivals they have made possible over the centuries.

Excited about the latest beer from Down The Road? This year’s Village Fest in Everett is your chance to try the Henzelmann’s Festbier before anyone else! The party starts at 3 p.m. on September 17 and runs until 9 p.m. Rock out with some great bands, including headliner Eve 6, play lawn games, feast from a fleet of tasty food trucks and, of course, drink some great beer from Down The Road! Admission is free, so there’s no reason not to get through the gates and see what Everett, the future home of our Taproom, has to offer! Down the Road will be pouring Henzelmann’s Festbier and several other favorites alongside our neighboring breweries: Night Shift and Bone Up along with Short Path Distillery. All of our leadership, sales and support teams are stepping up to sling suds, so stop by, have a beer and get to know Down The Road!

About Down The Road Beer Company:

Down The Road Beer Co. made its first official mark on the Metro Boston Craft Beer market with the launch of its signature Pukwudgie Pale Ale in April 2015. However, the company’s Founder and Head Brewer, Donovan Bailey, began brewing beer over 20 years ago with his father. After serving for eight years in the Army, Donovan earned a BS degree in Microbiology and eventually returned to his passion of brewing. Down The Road brings a uniqueness to the Craft Beer market by bucking the trend to create the next craziest innovation. Instead, the company focuses on creating fresh, high quality beer, brewed locally in Massachusetts and inspired by traditional brewing techniques. 

Down The Road is based in Everett, MA and has already sold its beers in over 700 retail outlets, bars and restaurants. The company plans to open a Taproom in Everett in early 2017 to further deliver upon its Mission to bring beer that is as Fresh and Flavorful as what you would find in any overseas brew pub ‘Down The Road’. Visit or follow the company on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at @DTRBrewery to find out more.